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Fans Spotted Hyacinth’s Secret Role In Bridgerton’s Love Stories

Her observation skills have paid off.

‘Bridgerton’ Fans Spotted Hyacinth's Secret Role In The Show
Liam Daniel/Netflix

The last person to realize a Bridgerton is in love is, often, said Bridgerton. Fortunately, when it comes to forging connections in the ton, the family has lots of help, from Lady Danbury’s social wiles to Lady Bridgerton’s role as matriarch-slash-matchmaker.

But all along, there may have been an even more powerful cupid among the bunch — someone who’s the first to spot romantic potential and uses her vision to guide the pieces into place. Her name? Hyacinth Bridgerton.

Wait, Hyacinth?

Since the premiere of Bridgerton Season 3, several fans have pointed out a surprising pattern with the family’s love stories, namely, the way Hyacinth is always pushing them along from the drawing room.

“Hyacinth always hitting the mark,” one fan on X (formerly Twitter) captioned a collection of telling interactions from throughout the show. In Season 1, Hyacinth asks Daphne, “What about the duke?” after her sister says she saw Prince Friedrich at a boxing match she attended. Clearly, the youngest Bridgerton didn’t want her sister to forget about the dashing Simon Basset so easily.

Then, in Season 2, Hyacinth asks Anthony, “What about Miss Edwina’s sister?” She wonders if Kate will come to live with the Bridgertons now that Anthony is engaged to the younger Sharma.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

In both cases, Hyacinth’s siblings are startled by her mentioning the people they really like but don’t want to think about. Similarly, in Season 3, Hyacinth tells Colin that “Penelope is quite fortunate to have you as a friend.” He can barely find the words to respond after he’d just been dreaming about her all night long.

A viral TikTok edit by @auroraxhaze cut together all of these scenes, making Hyacinth’s pattern of influence clearer than ever. One fan on X responded to the video, noting that while Violet usually gets credit for knowing when her children are in love, fans forget that Hyacinth is “constantly clocking” her siblings’ love lives, too.

“She’s so mastermind,” the user added next to a preview clip of Part 2, in which Hyacinth embraces her future sister-in-law Penelope like she’s been waiting for this moment all along.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

So established is Hyacinth’s approach that several fans predicted she’d ask, “What about Penelope” in Season 3. Though she didn’t use those exact words with Colin, one viewer celebrated that subtle change. To comment on the pair’s friendship was “so personal and sentimental,” they said.

Foreshadowing Hyacinth’s Season

While Hyacinth’s questions and commentary could be chalked up to mere youngest-child energy, birth order isn’t the only thing at play here. She seems to deliver her remarks with care and intention, aware of the implications of bringing up Simon, Kate, or Penelope but doing it anyway because she knows true love’s at stake. An unsung hero, indeed.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Plus, Hyacinth’s observant nature will come in handy whenever her season comes along. If you’ve read It’s in His Kiss, you know that there’s a mystery at the heart of her love story with Gareth St. Clair. It’s only natural, then, that she gets to hone her detective skills by correctly sussing out her siblings’ love matches.