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Adjoa Andoh Says Bridgerton Season 3 Is For The Fans

The show’s resident relationship expert teases what to expect from the new love story.

New Bridgerton Season 3 details revealed by star Adjoa Andoh. Photo via Netflix

Bridgerton’s third season is still a few months away, but the show’s resident relationship expert is keeping the love alive. Adjoa Andoh, who plays Lady Agatha Danbury on the Netflix series, recently hosted a “Coffee & Courting” dating event with International Delight, which has a limited-edition lineup of Bridgerton flavors.

“There’s a formality about the Regency world and a sort of structure that is very hard for us in the 21st century to replicate,” Andoh tells Bustle, adding that the dance cards and informal teas of yore gave prospective matches a chance to get to know each other in a less “pressurized” setting than, say, a dating app.

Of course, Bridgerton Season 3 isn’t about making a new connection but finally realizing there was one there all along. The show’s next installment will follow longtime friends Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington as they confront their romantic chemistry.

It’s also a moment of rediscovery, marking the first Bridgerton chapter since Lady Danbury’s own romantic history was fleshed out in the prequel series Queen Charlotte. Andoh teases that her character’s backstory intersects with Penelope’s in an exciting way.

Ahead of the show’s return on May 16, Andoh opens up about Colin and Penelope’s love story, reuniting with her Bridgerton family, and the future of Lady Whistledown’s secret side hustle.

At the Bridgerton virtual fan event, you talked about how Season 3 is for the “wallflowers.” What does that mean to you?

Lady Danbury was sent to England, raised up to marry Lord Danbury — never mind if you like him. As a woman, she was passed over in terms of her thoughts, her feelings, and her aspirations. That means she really resonates with Penelope’s situation: [the expectation that] she’s a utility for the family, a bit like the young Agatha was a utility for her family. She sees Penelope making a way in the world for herself through the gifts that she has.

In terms of the wallflower, Adjoa was a wallflower. Bajillions of us have experienced wallflower-ness. And I think this season is for us. [It says], “You hang in there. You are glorious in your own right. And you will have your moment.”

Liam Daniel/Netflix

What elements of Lady Danbury in Romancing Mister Bridgerton were you most excited to bring to screen?

Julia Quinn has given me this most fabulous character. She is rich, quirky, and travels her own road unapologetically, and for Season 3, [I also have] what we know about Lady Danbury from Queen Charlotte. I have really been excited to show a Lady Danbury who also has wobbles. In this season, you see how she copes with not having everything tightly under her control.

What about Penelope and Colin’s love story surprised you?

There’s something lovely about Colin and Penelope having to find their way. Colin is not the eldest brother. In this period of English history — I mean, we have it now, with William and Harry, don’t we? — the younger brothers always have to find their own path in the world, because there’s not one designated upon them by dint of the order of their births. Colin goes traveling; he’s trying to find his path. So [Colin and Penelope are] having to find out if [their paths] are going to include each other.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

What were some memorable behind-the-scenes moments with the cast this time around?

It’s kind of cheesy, but we like each other. Lots of us do theater, so we’ll go and see each other’s shows. I was at the BAFTAs the other night with Phoebe [Dynevor] and Jonny [Bailey]. We talk about plumbing, building work, pets, parents — we’re a very affectionate and kind bunch of people. So when you get us together, that’s what you get, the professionalism on set but the giggles and exhaustion and anything that comes off set as well.

We know that Lady Whistledown’s identity will be a big deal this season. Do you think Lady Danbury might like the job, if Penelope gives it up?

No. I think Lady Danbury absolutely applauds and celebrates the wit of Lady Whistledown — the chutzpah, if you like — and the good writing. But I think she has her own structures that she has operated successfully since she had it out with Princess Augusta in Queen Charlotte. She understands that knowledge is power and how you apply that knowledge can make you an effective operator in this world. I think she can applaud Lady Whistledown, but that is not her way.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.