Britney Spears Marks Her Latest Hearing With #FreeBritney Shirts & 10 Life Lessons

*Takes notes.*

Britney Spears' November court hearing could be her last. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since her father was removed from her conservatorship, Britney Spears has been vocal about enjoying life and charting those next big steps — from planning her destination wedding with Sam Asghari to writing her very own murder novel. But even though Jamie Spears’ removal marked a major victory for the #FreeBritney camp, it wasn’t the end of the “Toxic” singer’s legal drama. Days before a Nov. 12 hearing that could potentially terminate the conservatorship once and for all, Spears shared on Instagram that she’d never “prayed for something more in [her] life.” Then, on Nov. 11, she posted a final flourish of motivation before the big day: 10 “pointers for life,” covering relationship advice, self-care, and even embracing your inner child. Very salient stuff.

No. 1? “Smile whenever you can,” Spears wrote, “even on the worst day ever 😁 !!!!!⁣” (Fittingly, the pointers were paired with a photo of Spears beaming on stage.) The Grammy winner’s next two tips were all about love. “Men, you gotta keep your woman satisfied,” she said, joking “there will be hell to pay” if not. Spears also suggested couples “go back to holding hands ... and remember what a big deal that use to be when you were 13.”

Spears also warned her followers to “never go to bed hungry,” and “sleep LOTS ... they can wait 😂 ... I mean it is YOUR DREAM !!!” Tips No. 6, 7, and 8 were all about leaning into the lighter side of life, reminding everyone to “eat something sweet,” “don’t be scared to be foolish 🤪 and randomly hug someone,” and “laugh A LOT.” No. 9 was a gentle reminder to “cry when you need to.”

And finally, with the No. 10 pointer, “Say your prayers,” Spears harkened back to her earlier message about preparing for her potentially pivotal conservatorship hearing. Spears also marked the date by wearing a #FreeBritney shirt that read, “It’s a human rights movement.”

As NPR reported, Spears requested that the legal arrangement be terminated altogether. Still, other outcomes on the table included “a timeline for the eventual” termination and ceasing one part of the conservatorship, if not the whole thing.

Until then, Spears’ words of wisdom are already proving to be inspirational for her followers. “If Britney Spears randomly hugged me I would simply ✨ pass away ✨,” wrote Victoria Garrick, while user yojeux said he would be “[getting] this list tattooed on my back. Emojis included.”