Britney Just Dropped The Biggest Hint About Her Memoir

“Shall I start from THE BEGINNING???”

Britney Spears  at the "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" red carpet.

2021 was a big year for Britney Spears. After 13 years living under the conservatorship implemented by her father, Jamie Spears, Spears was freed from all conservators on Nov. 12, 2021. In September 2021, Spears announced her engagement to partner Sam Asghari, and celebrated her milestone 40th birthday (her first as a free woman in 13 years) on Dec. 2 to round off what would be one of her most eventful years yet. Now, it looks like the singer will finally be able to tell her own story, in her own words, as Britney Spears hints at writing her own memoir.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 11), Spears dropped a string of clues that she might be thinking about penning her own memoir. The most notable post was a picture of a typewriter, which the pop superstar captioned: “Shall I start from THE BEGINNING???”

The judge’s decision to terminate Spears’ conservatorship in November 2021, which she’s lived under since 2008, was a long time coming, but really gained traction over the past year, with the release of the New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears, once again amping up the years-long #FreeBritney movement. The Pop Princess was finally able to speak out in June last year and hire her own lawyer, which cleared a path for removing her father as her conservator, and Spears has been enjoying her freedom since.

However, in recent months the 40-year-old singer has called out her family for not supporting her throughout the 13-year conservatorship that had her estranged father, Jamie Spears control nearly every aspect of her life. Spears also called out her family for the “awful” things they did to her over the course of her career, much of which she revealed in a detailed post on her Instagram, explaining that she wouldn’t be doing music anymore to get back at them. “People have no idea the awful things that were done to me personally,” Spears wrote in the post.

“Not doing my music anymore is my way of saying ‘F*ck You’ in a sense when it only actually benefits my family by ignoring my real work,” Spears continued. “It’s like I’ve subconsciously let them win.”

With Spears downing tools on music for the time being, it looks like the “Toxic” singer will have plenty of time to get the word count in on a memoir. Her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who appeared singing remixes to Spears’ songs in a Britney Spears Tribute at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, is currently promoting her own forthcoming memoir, Things I Should Have Said.

It isn’t the first time Spears has hinted that she wants to get into the world of publishing. In October, 2021, the singer announced on Instagram she was in the process of writing a murder novel, about a girl who is murdered and “gets stuck in limbo because of trauma and pain and she doesn’t know how to cross over to the world she use to know”. Sounds somewhat familiar?