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Clayton’s Women Tell All Special Was Pure Chaos

“Jesse Palmer has officially lost control of this show.”

The cast of Clayton Echard's 'Bachelor' season at the 'Women Tell All' special.
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Not minutes into Monday night’s Women Tell All special, host Jesse Palmer lost total control of the show. The women from Clayton’s Bachelor season immediately began confronting season “villains” Shanae Ankney and Cassidy Timbrooks, leading to a group screaming match that became increasingly hard to rein in throughout the night. Sierra Jackson called Cassidy out for hooking up with a guy right up until she left for the show, leading to the iconic line, “The d*ck was good, I wasn’t going to cut that off until I was engaged”; Shanae accused Genevieve Parisi of sleeping with Bachelorette alum Aaron Clancy (which she denied); and the women went in on Sarah Hamrick for lying about details of her relationship with Clayton. Teddi Wright even revealed that one of Clayton’s brothers slid into her DMS!! It was pure chaos!

Viewers took notice and expressed concern for Palmer, who seemed to be in over his head. “Jessie looks like he's regretting hosting this women tell all,” tweeted one fan.

Some also pointed out the irony of the episode airing during Women’s History Month, given all the yelling and finger-pointing playing out onstage. “The #womentellall should be renamed to the women tell each other off,” joked another viewer.

Later, fans reveled in Teddi’s reveal that one of Clayton’s brothers had reached out to her — something apparently even Clayton didn’t know. “Both of my brothers have been vehemently denying sliding in the DMs. So Teddi, please give the people (including me) what they want and release the DMs,” he tweeted as the episode aired.

Perhaps the person who took the most hits of the night was Clayton. The women didn’t hold back during his time in the hot seat, immediately asking why he didn’t listen to any of them regarding Shanae. “I think you’re confusing love and lust,” Sierra told him, adding that she didn’t think he was ready for marriage. Clayton responded that he had regrets but handled things the best he could in the moment, admitting that believing Shanae was his “biggest mistake.”

One Twitter user summed up the night best: “The gift we are about to receive of these women destroying Clayton is exactly what we deserve this Women’s History Month.”