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Everything To Know About The New Echo Series

You might see Maya Lopez before the Hawkeye spinoff, though.

Alaqua Cox stars as Maya Lopez in 'Hawkeye,' and will reprise her role on the 'Echo' cast. Photo via...
Chuck Zlotnick

Spoilers ahead for Hawkeye. Though Hawkeye’s six-episode run ended relatively happily for Clint and Kate, one character’s holiday looked to be a little gloomier. Fresh off fatal confrontations with Kazi and (apparently) Kingpin, Maya Lopez is all alone. Granted her found family was pretty horrible and caused the death of her dad, but that has to be rough. Fortunately, this won’t be the last viewers see of the powerful fighter. The new Echo series on Disney+ will follow up on Maya and, likely, give her a chance to explore her identity now that she’s no longer on Wilson Fisk’s payroll.

Though specifics on the Echo Disney+ series are sparse, the streamer seems to have big plans for the new entry. For starters, it was announced during Disney+ Day Nov. 12 — i.e., before Hawkeye even premiered, so the green-light is based on something bigger than fan reaction alone (not that there wasn’t plenty of that). And given the character’s connections to other Marvel mainstays, of which Kingpin was just the beginning, the series could tie into the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe in a fun way.

Here is everything you should know about the Echo series, cast, plot, and potential release date so far.

Echo Series Plot

Though Disney+ hasn’t announced Echo plot details yet, the comics provide plenty of possible storylines. For starters, Maya has a relationship with Matt Murdock before she finds out he’s Daredevil — the vigilante she believes is responsible for killing her dad. Of course, just like in Hawkeye, she re-aims her anger at Fisk once she realizes his role in the murder.

Speaking of which, Fisk is probably still alive. In Daredevil No. 15, Maya shoots her shady “uncle” in the face, but he’s later shown to have survived the confrontation. (He’s good at that.) Later on, Maya works with the Avengers, Moon Knight, and more — so there’s definitely room for more team-ups in Echo.

Echo Series Cast

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So far, only Alaqua Cox is confirmed to reprise her role as the titular fighter — but chances are the Echo cast will also see the return of Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin and maybe some faves from Hawkeye. In October, CBR reported a rumor that Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and several characters from Netflix’s Daredevil could appear in Echo and that the show might even double “as a Daredevil Season 4 of sorts.” Given the fact that D’Onofrio appeared in both the Netflix series and the main MCU via Hawkeye, it seems more and more likely that his Daredevil co-stars could do the same.

And, spoiler alert for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Cox’s Matt Murdock did just join the modern MCU in the latest Spidey film — he’s a really good lawyer — signaling Marvel Studios’ intention to further incorporate on-the-outskirts Netflix faves into the main MCU lore.

Echo Series Release Date & Trailer

Wondering when Echo comes out or when you can see a trailer? Disney+ hasn’t announced a release date yet, but that isn’t unusual for the streamer. After all, we still don’t know when, exactly, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, or Moon Knight premiere, and these projects were already well underway. However, considering Maya’s connection to other MCU characters, there’s a chance we will see her before Echo.

This post will be updated with the trailer, release date, and additional plot details as more information on Echo becomes available.