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The Marvel Easter Egg Hunt Is On For Hawkeye

Prepare to meet the MCU’s newest pet.

There are sure to be many Marvel Easter eggs in 'Hawkeye,' the new Disney+ series starring Hailee St...
Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already delivered a delightfully wide variety of stories in 2021 alone — from Emmy-nominated emotional crises to undead Avengers, Multiversal mayhem, and brand-new heroes to love (hi, Shang-Chi and Cap!). Now, a Die Hard-esque Christmas adventure has entered the chat with Hawkeye, and the new series already promises major holiday comfort viewing vibes. Plus, it’s finally a chance for viewers to reacquaint themselves with the day-one Avenger, who’s had somewhat sparse screen time over his decade in the MCU. Seriously, a 2019 post-Endgame Reuters analysis found that Clint Barton clocked only 52 minutes of coverage in his long tenure with the team.

Fortunately, the first trailer for Hawkeye is already expanding what we know (or thought we knew) about the archer, like his comics backstory as a hard-of-hearing character, his partnership with Kate Bishop, and his furry friend Lucky, aka Pizza Dog. And yes, there are plenty of nods to the comics and other MCU movies to theorize about, even before Hawkeye premieres on Disney+ Nov. 24. Here are all of the Marvel Easter eggs in Hawkeye so far.

Lucky, aka Pizza Dog

Mary Cybulski/Marvel Studios

Pets are pretty scarce in the MCU. (Maybe a good thing logistically, but still.) Fortunately, Hawkeye will shake up the status quo by introducing Lucky, aka Pizza Dog, a pooch who saved the hero in a fight against his tracksuit-donning owners in 2012’s Hawkeye run (more on them later). Fittingly, Lucky’s old owners called him Arrow, never guessing that he’d wind up in the care of the archer Avenger. This dog is a fan-favorite for a reason — there’s even an entire Hawkeye issue dedicated to a day in his life!

The Tracksuit Draculas

Now, about Lucky’s old “family.” Clint and Kate call this group of villains the Tracksuit Draculas because of their ensemble of choice and Eastern European background. More than anything, though, they love using the word “bro” and even call Kate “ladybro” in a confrontation.

Like Hawkeye, his enemies tend to be pretty down-to-earth, and the tracksuits are a perfect example of this. In the comics, their central conflict essentially boils down to a shady real estate deal. So maybe they’re not quite a Thanos or Kang the Conqueror-level threat, but they still provide plenty of trouble for Clint and Kate, especially once they use their underworld connections to put a target on Hawkeye’s back.

“Trust A Bro”

Speaking of bros...

In the trailer, Kate shoots an exploding arrow at a van adorned with the phrase “Trust A Bro,” suggesting the tracksuits will be an ongoing threat throughout the Hawkeye series.

An Unexpected Rogers The Musical Star

Marvel Studios

As part of Clint’s Christmas with his family in New York, he seems to take them out to what’s surely the year’s hottest Broadway show: Rogers the Musical. Described as a “timeless story of a timeless hero,” a brief snippet of the Hamilton-esque musical features main players in the Battle of New York, including Cap, Thor, Loki, Nat, Tony, several Chitauri, and... is that the Hulk in a green hoodie?

In addition to the lineup of heroes and villains, there’s a character on the top right of the Rogers the Musical scene donning a hat that looks like part of a traditional food vendor’s costume, which could be a nod to the first Avengers’ shawarma post-credits scene. TikTok user newtomarvel pointed out that the shawarma stand employees at Disney California Adventure’s Avengers Campus wear a similar hat.

Hawkeye’s Hearing Aid

As Screen Rant reports, several Marvel Comics storylines have touched on Clint’s hearing loss. However, the MCU hadn’t referenced that aspect of his character until now. Clint can be seen wearing a hearing aid in the trailer, suggesting that the series will explore his backstory a bit more.

Maya Lopez, a deaf hero of Native American descent in the Marvel Comics, can also be seen in the trailer. She’s gone by the Ronin mantle, too, but is better known as Echo for her ability to mimic her opponents’ fighting style. Alaqua Cox portrays the character in Hawkeye.

An Avengers Callback

Marvel Studios

At the end of the Hawkeye trailer, we see Kate and Clint performing a maneuver while falling backward — a reference to Hawkeye’s iconic move in the first Avengers nine years ago. Clearly, Clint is showing Kate every trick he’s got (and maybe prepping to pass the mantle, too).

This post will be updated as new episodes of Hawkeye premiere on Disney+ every Wednesday from Nov. 24.