You May Well Recognise House Of The Dragon's Ewan Mitchell

He's quite the dab hand at historical dramas.

Ewan Mitchell attends the Sky Group Premiere of "House Of The Dragon"
David M. Benett/WireImage/Getty Images

The long-awaited Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragon has been captivating viewers over recent weeks. Though the entirety of the new generation of Targaryens make their mark, Prince Aemond Targaryen (played by Ewan Mitchell) is one of the more intriguing additions. The actor portrays the older version of the character, taking over from Leo Ashton. After losing his eye in a fight, and gaining a dragon in the process, the prince becomes more villainous by the minute. He’s shaping up into a worthy foe for Matt Smith’s Daemon Targaryen. But what do we know of Ewan Mitchell? Read on to find out.

You may well know him for his portrayal of the much-loved character Osferth, aka Alfred the Great, in historical drama The Last Kingdom. Based on Bernard Cornwell’s book The Saxon Stories, the first two seasons aired on BBC Two before Netflix snapped up the next three instalments. Osferth reached a sad and grisly end in the final series, much to the disappointment of viewers.

Meanwhile, crime drama fans may remember Mitchell for portraying Billy Washington, Lana’s younger brother, in the hit ITV drama Trigger Point. Elsewhere, Mitchell has put in stellar performances in The Halcyon and World On Fire.

An incredibly private person, Mitchell has opted out of social media altogether, and rarely chats to the press. Even his birth date remains a mystery in the world of the internet. And his co-stars have definitely noticed how much of a low profile Mitchell prefers to keep. On The Official Last Kingdom Podcast, Scottish actor Mark Rowley called Mitchell “mysterious.”

“Maybe he’s had amazing training we don’t know about… in life?” he ponders, before his cast mates Arnas Fedaravičius and Alexander Dreymon accidentally let slip that the actor comes from Derby. “Let’s leave Ewan out of this,” Fedaravičius adds. “Otherwise we’ll get in trouble,” Dreymon agrees.