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These Golden Bachelor Easter Eggs Hint At Who Gets Gerry's Final Rose

“100% editor shenanigans.”

THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - "105" - Hometowns are on the horizon for the golden bachelor. With only three ...
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With only two women remaining on The Golden Bachelor, some observant viewers are realizing ABC might have been planting “perfectly subtle” Easter eggs about the winner all along.

Heading into the Golden Bachelor finale, Gerry Turner faced the difficult task of choosing between Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima. After decoding a slyly edited promo that aired all the way back in September’s season premiere, many fans think Gerry chose Theresa as his final rose recipient.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Upon re-watching the season, at least one Redditor discovered some easy-to-miss hints they think The Golden Bachelor editors “threw in for fun” that support the theory. The first involved the premiere’s big dance party when Gerry spotted Theresa from across the room and winked.

“He could’ve been winking at anyone, but they edited it to appear as if it was directed at Theresa,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “100% editor shenanigans.”

The second clue arrived later during one of Kathy Swarts’ confessionals. Despite her infamous “zip it” drama with Theresa, Kathy referenced her saying, “She's not Mrs. Turner... yet.”

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The original poster summarized that there was “no way the editors would pass up the opportunity to make sure those moments would make it in the final cut” if Theresa didn’t win in the end.

A Familiar Voice

As for that post-premiere sneak peek, another Redditor previously pointed out that ABC spliced together different scenes to make it appear as though Gerry broke Theresa’s heart in Costa Rica. However, the footage of Theresa crying was from earlier in the season because Kathy, who was eliminated several weeks ago, was the one comforting her.

ABC also included a carefully placed voiceover of a woman tearfully saying, “You made it sound like you chose me,” while showing another contestant on screen. Many fans recognized the voice as belonging to Leslie, and they guessed that she likely speaks those words after Gerry breaks up with her in Costa Rica. (He has hinted to Leslie that she was “the one,” making it seem plausible she would say that to him, post-split.)

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“He’s actually telling Leslie his feelings changed and she’s crying because he led her to believe she was the one,” one fan wrote. Added another, “I’ve listened 3 times now and become more convinced every time it’s her voice.”

A More Explicit Spoiler

It seems these Golden Bachelor sleuths might actually be correct, too. On the Nov. 21 podcast episode, Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve leaked Gerry’s winner, reporting that ABC’s inaugural Golden Bachelor proposed to Theresa in Costa Rica, and they’re still together and engaged today.

To find out for sure, though, fans will have to tune in to the two-hour Golden Bachelor finale on Nov. 30.