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A New Golden Bachelor Leak Might've Spoiled The Winner

Gerry reportedly found the woman he can’t live without.

'The Golden Bachelor' lead Gerry Turner is engaged to Theresa Nist, according to a new spoiler from ...
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Even as The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner was still filming his Fantasy Suite dates, a spoiler revealed that Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima were his final two women. In the following months, the intel dried up, and fans were left to speculate and dissect every little clue about who Gerry chose — until now.

Less than two weeks before the two-hour Golden Bachelor finale airs on Nov. 30, an insider finally leaked Gerry’s winner to Reality Steve. On the Nov. 21 episode of his podcast, the reliably spot-on Bachelor Nation blogger said that Gerry proposed to Theresa in Costa Rica, and they’re still engaged today.

That being said, Reality Steve pointed out that Theresa lives in New Jersey, while Gerry “loves his life” more than 650 miles away in Indiana. Though he’s unsure how they’ll navigate the distance — and cautioned listeners that Gerry and Theresa could still break up— the blogger said, “I just know that in Costa Rica, he chose Theresa.”

Gerry’s Change Of Heart

Heading into his journey’s final days, Gerry had all but told Leslie to expect his Neil Lane engagement ring. Previously calling Leslie “the one,” he doubled down in Costa Rica, repeating Trista Sutter’s advice to find the woman he “can’t live without,” adding, “I think you’re the one. You’re that one.”

Even ABC’s sneaky promo editing seemed to hint that he chose Leslie over Theresa.

Despite the misdirect, Gerry’s recent interviews made clear that he still kept an open mind, and Fantasy Suites marked a major turning point in his decision-making.

“There was a watershed moment in those Fantasy Suites, and the watershed moments happened twice, one for each fantasy suite,” Gerry told The Hollywood Reporter. “And up until that point, if I had not remained open-minded, I might have made a mistake. Who knows how it would have ended.”

A Happy Ending

On the show, Gerry was so torn up about having to break either Leslie’s or Theresa’s heart that he said the pain was a “close second” to when he lost his late wife, Toni. Once the dust settled, though, he now seems eager to begin the next chapter of his life with his reported fiancée, Theresa.

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“Once we get through the final episode and everyone understands the source of why I am indeed so happy, it’ll be a relief because keeping a secret this long is really not in my nature,” Gerry said to THR. “I like to talk, and I have a terrible poker face. Being able to talk about things after the final episode on Nov. 30 will be a great relief.”