Hannah Brown Shared Photos From Her Brother’s Wedding To Jed Wyatt’s Ex

We may need a diagram.

Three years after Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt broke up, the former Bachelorette celebrated the weddin...
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As you may remember from a few Bachelorettes ago, Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt ended Season 15 engaged — but their betrothed bliss didn’t last all that long. During the 2019 finale, Hannah recalled finding out via People that Jed had allegedly been in a relationship during his time on the show, with a fellow musician named Haley Stevens. “This [ring] doesn’t mean the same thing,” Hannah told Jed, after learning the news. “That’s not what I said yes to.”

This marked the end of Hannah and Jed’s relationship — but apparently, a different couple was forming back at home. On the night of the Season 15 premiere, Haley told Reality Steve that Hannah’s brother, Patrick, reportedly began following Haley on Instagram. “And this was before Jed even got home,” she said. “So, immediately, I’m like, OK ... alarms kind of start sounding. I get like, a little uneasy, like, why does he know about me? Why is he following me? That just seems way too coincidental.”

But it seems like Patrick’s follow led to something more serious. In early 2021, Patrick shared a selfie with Haley on Instagram, Us Weekly reported at the time. By December of that year, they were engaged — and most recently, on Sept. 3, Patrick and Haley got married. Hannah was there, too, and addressed the irony of the situation on Instagram. “I’ve come to realize my life is a never-ending plot twist,” she wrote in the caption to a gallery of wedding photos, “but it makes for a damn good (for sure weird) story.”

While Hannah mainly shared photos with her family members — as well as her boyfriend, Adam Woolard — she does appear in a few photos with Haley, who shared her own gallery.

Despite the potentially awkward circumstances, Hannah has been supportive of her brother’s relationship from the start. “I just want my brother to be happy and yeah, they are getting married and I will be there,” she confirmed to Us Weekly this April. Haley, for her part, has also been supportive of Hannah — telling People in 2019 that she was “heartbroken” for the Bachelorette lead and regretted her inadvertent role in the reality drama. “The hardest part is that there was this other woman involved who knew nothing about me,” she said at the time. “As hurt as I was, that was tough. I’m not the only person who had my heart ripped out ... This was supposed to be Hannah’s love story.”

As for what Jed thinks of Haley and Patrick getting married? Well, he’s been a little cooler to the idea. “The only thing I have to say is more of a question,” Jed said on his Instagram in December, per E! News. “It’s like, does he know he’s engaged?” For his part, Jed has maintained that he and Haley were never in “an exclusive relationship,” as he told Bachelor Happy Hour in 2019.