This Viral How I Met Your Father Reddit Theory Predicts [Spoiler] Was The Father

Hulu canceled the How I Met Your Mother spin-off before the mystery was revealed, but that’s not stopping fans from investigating.

'How I Met Your Father' Viral Reddit Theory Predicts Sid Was The Dad
Patrick Wymore / Hulu

Viewers may never find out who the father is on How I Met Your Father after Hulu canceled the How I Met Your Mother spin-off on Sept. 1, opting not to renew the Hilary Duff-led sitcom for a third season. However, that’s not going to stop fans from figuring it out for themselves. A viral Reddit theory predicts that Sid (Suraj Sharma) was Sophie’s baby daddy, with one user tracking hints dating back to the show’s very first episode.

Sid was one of the options presented in the montage of Sophie’s baby daddy possibilities in the series premiere, albeit no one likely paid it any mind at the time. While the first two seasons focused on the “will-they-or-won’t-they” relationship between Sophie and Jesse (Chris Lowell), she managed to share some sweet and tender moments with his best friend Sid while remaining completely platonic. Fans specifically point to the hallway scene in Episode 5, where the two commiserate over arguing with their significant others on their double date, as an example of what they could become.

Season 2 gave even more peeks at Sid and Sophie’s growing friendship. In one episode, Kim Cattrall (as the older Sophie) tells her son that “by the time I turned 40, I had kissed literally all of my friends,” meaning she and Sid eventually kissed once at the very least. The two got up to various playful hijinks together, albeit most of them involved Jesse, like following his whereabouts and spying on his new girlfriend. But after Sid lets Sophie host a hot dog pop-up at his bar with her father, she saves him the last hot dog, and he thanks her for “not getting him murdered” in a moment that was both entirely unserious and genuinely heartfelt.

Patrick Wymore / Hulu

Perhaps the biggest hint came in the now-series finale when Sid admits to his wife Hannah that he almost “had a thing with someone” after she confesses to kissing a co-worker, and her immediate first guess was Sophie. “No, why would you think that?” he responds. However, Sophie being Hannah’s first instinct could’ve signaled that her true dynamic with Sid hadn’t played out yet.

Additionally, this theory is supported by some unverified reports stemming from a comedy set. In 2022, two separate Reddit users claimed they saw a former HIMYF writer open for John Mulaney at one of his shows and alleged that he was so mad about being fired from the show that he somewhat revealed the mystery to the audience when he referred to the father by his Indian ethnicity. Twitter user @hankofjuly echoed this claim when the show’s cancellation was announced. Since Sharma is the only Indian actor in the main cast, this suggests Sid would’ve been the father if these claims were accurate.

There are even more hints compiled from nearly every HIMYF episode in this Reddit thread from user @crossroads178. While viewers may never know the truth unless the show somehow gets saved or one of the cast or crew members is generous enough to reveal the father’s identity, all signs are simply pointing to Sid, and fans would be more than happy with that outcome.