Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Concerts May Last Longer Than You Think

The Red Tour, 1989 World Tour, and Reputation Stadium Tour clue us into the Eras Tour’s runtime.

How Long Are Taylor Swift Concerts? Eras Tour Shows Last This Many Hours
Jun Sato/TAS18/Getty Images Entertainment

Theoretically, Taylor Swift could perform for more than six hours on the Eras Tour and still not have time for many of the songs fans want to hear. Most Swifties would happily spend all night with her, but she does have other shows to perform and cities to get to, naturally leading fans to wonder how long will Eras Tour concerts actually be. Despite the name of her newest album Midnights, don’t expect Swift to perform until midnight — but the Eras Tour may be her longest show to date.

If Swift’s past tours are any indication, expect the Eras Tour concerts to be at least two hours long, which is about how much time the Red Tour, 1989 World Tour, and Reputation Stadium Tour shows lasted. On those treks, Swift usually hit the stage between 8:45 and 9:00 p.m., ensuring that the show would finish by 11:00 p.m.. With a 6:30 p.m. start time listed for all dates, and two opening acts at each show, it’s safe to expect a similar timeframe for the Eras Tour.

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However, if this schedule obtained by an opening night attendee and posted by Twitter fan accounts is correct, Swift is actually adding a whole hour to her usual runtime. This means the Eras Tour will be over three hours long.

Swift does have a lot of ground to cover on this tour. She described the Eras Tour as “a journey through the musical eras of my career,” both past and present, meaning her setlist will include songs from all 10 of her albums. Making matters more complicated, Swift hasn’t toured her four newest albums: 2019’s Lover, 2020’s folklore and evermore, and 2022’s Midnights. Combined with her “From the Vault” tracks on the “Taylor’s Version” re-recordings of Fearless and Red, Swift has more than 100 new songs that she’s yet to perform live at all. There’s no way she can please everyone and play all of them, but a three-hour runtime would go a long way.

Of course, if Swift brings out any surprise guests to perform that show will probably run a little longer. On the contrary, however, Swift has previously omitted certain songs from setlists prior to make room for said guests, especially on the Red and 1989 tours, so that’s not a guarantee.