Where Is Raven Now After Love Is Blind?

She said SK locked himself in a van and asked Love Is Blind producers to cut their engagement from After The Altar.

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During the latest episodes of 'Love Is Blind,' Raven and SK hit a major relationship crossroads. Pho...

By the time their wedding day arrived on Love Is Blind Season 3, Raven Ross and SK Alagbada seemed ready to make a commitment. “I really feel like I have found my man,” Raven said during Episode 10. Still, SK expressed some doubts to his mom, admitting that he was scared. Despite her reassurances, SK ultimately did not say “I do” at the altar, explaining that it was not the right time for them to take that leap. Because they parted on good terms though, viewers were quick to wonder if Raven and SK got back together, or if Raven is still single after Love Is Blind.

“We’re in, like, Experiment 2.0,” Raven told Bustle days before the Season 3 reunion. “It’s day by day. We’re in a great place, and we have so much more of our story to tell and more of our story to come, so we’re excited about sharing that with you guys.”

During the reunion, Raven made it official, revealing that she and SK were in a long-distance relationship. Shortly afterward, Love Is Blind: After the Altar premiered, and fans saw SK propose to Raven a second time, and she happily accepted. In the final moments of the third episode, however, a title card announced that their engagement ended a few months later. “Since then, a lot has changed. My world is completely different because SK cheated on me, and now our relationship is over,” Raven shared in a self-filmed postscript video.

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Those cheating allegations publicly broke in November when a TikToker shared what she claimed were text messages between her and SK. More women eventually came forward to accuse the reality star of being unfaithful to his new fiancée. Though SK denied cheating claims — and Raven insisted their relationship was fine, at first — the pair eventually announced their breakup on Nov. 21.

“In the beginning, from my perspective, it was kind of a rolling thing, it would kind of shape-shift every day and grow,” Raven explains to Bustle of what caused the split. “So at the beginning of the time period when these women were coming forward, SK and I were able to unite, and I was Team Let’s Stay Together. And I think once things started to grow and more came out and I learned more about the actual situation, that’s when we decided that this is not going to serve us anymore. So that’s when we decided that officially, we will be done.”

Raven adds that the final straw was a different girl reaching out to her about SK. “I was like, OK, this is too much for me to handle,” Raven adds. “I just felt like at that point it had been a long week of more and more and more, and I was like, I physically can’t take anymore. So that’s when I was like we can’t be together anymore.”

Even so, she still communicated with SK after their split before eventually realizing that she had to let go of the good memories in order to move on. “I could feel that communication at that point was making it harder for me. Once I was able to stand my ground on that boundary, we haven’t really communicated a lot since.”

Raven also said during a Feb. 16 appearance on The Viall Files that a Love Is Blind producer reached out to her after the breakup. “She’s like, ‘There were so many things we thought you knew about him, and you were just choosing to stay with him,’” Raven recalled. “‘But now we see, that you had no idea what was actually happening.’” Specifically, Raven claimed that SK asked the show to remove their engagement from After the Altar, though she didn’t find out until later. “He locked himself in a van with one of the producers and was like, ‘You gotta take the engagement out.’” Obviously, that didn’t pan out.

After their split, Raven, who’s planning to move to New York soon, started going on some dates post-filming and met a new someone special. “There is definitely someone specific that I’m dating,” she reveals, adding that the new romance is going really well and that they met via Instagram DMs. “That’s how Harry and Meghan met!” She also claims she manifested a specific relationship moment on TikTok when she posted a photo of a couple holding hands. “The other day I was going through my phone, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, we literally took that exact picture.’ I’m like, it’s real!”

Meanwhile, Raven has stayed close with her Love Is Blind co-stars, Nancy Rodriguez, Alexa Lemieux, Colleen Reed, and Zanab Jaffrey, who all supported her through the split. “We talk all the time, we hang out all the time,” she says. “They were definitely there for a lot of SK’s and my relationship, so it was kind of hard for them, too, honestly.”

What else has Raven been doing since Love Is Blind filmed last summer? She’s been building her YouTube channel, where she offers regular pilates classes, and continuing to work in-studio with clients. As she puts it, “Just expanding how I’m able to serve others through pilates . . . that’s really my passion — to try to help other people use exercise to help them get over things, too.”

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