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Tia Booth Appears To Have Found Love After BiP

Just not with anyone from the show.

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Three years ago, Tia Booth was ready to take a break from dating on reality TV or social media. “I have a feeling that if I meet somebody, it’s going to be through friends, not through a DM,” she told People magazine. “And I think if I’m looking for it it’s not going to happen, so maybe if I’m patient it will come to me. I am ready for something serious!”

Flash forward to now, and she’s once again looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise. Some couples seem like they’re on the road to engagement, but Tia is in the midst of a love triangle, waffling between James Bonsall and Blake Monar. It’s unclear which of the two — if anyone — Tia will pick, though she recently took to her Instagram stories to express her displeasure with Blake. During an argument they had in the Sept. 20 episode, she explained that she’d seen other couples going out of their way for one another and simply didn’t feel like she was getting that kind of affection from Blake. Blake didn’t seem overly interested in putting forth more effort, only reassuring Tia that she knows how he feels about her.

“Right when the cocktail party started, I saw Thomas [Jacobs] go by with a tray of chicken nuggets for Becca [Kufrin] and a bunch of pics of their dogs just to be cute and sweet for her,” Tia wrote on Instagram. “[Blake] says, ‘You know I’m not gonna set up anything for you, right? You should know how I feel about you. All that stuff other guys do is fake for TV. And I lost my mind. This ain’t my first rodeo. It ain’t that hard. Gimme nugs & fries.”

Blake confirmed Tia’s account on his own Instagram stories, but noted that it didn’t include the full context of their conversation, saying he simply found it “unromantic” to have producers set up dates or moments. He also posted in a since-deleted Story, “When you refuse to simp after knowing someone for three days...” alongside a photo of him flexing.

James has taken a much different approach, using his alone time with Tia to surprise her with several dioramas of her small hometown in Arkansas. Tia mentioned this in her talk with Blake, saying, “All I can really go on is [James] making an effort, and you making an effort.” However, Tia also revealed that while she was flattered by the gesture, she doesn’t feel a true spark between her and James.

Thus, Tia stands at a crossroads, having to decide between two men: one who’s not putting in effort but does, as Tia put it, “make [her] vagina dance,” and one who doesn’t do so but is actively trying. Tia previously said that, "If [someone] doesn't make your vagina dance, it's not worth it,” but it seems like neither man is providing what she needs in a partner. Instead, she seems to have found love after the show. A man named Taylor Mock recently posted a series of photos on Instagram including a mirror selfie of him kissing Tia. He didn’t mention her directly in the caption, but reflected on moving to Nashville — where Tia lives — exactly one year ago. “Anywaysssss here’s a photo dump of people that make Nashville feel like home,” he concluded.

It’s unclear how serious the two are or how long they’ve been together, as Tia hasn’t addressed the relationship. However, she does follow him on Instagram.

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