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Every Major Moment From Jane & Rafael's Love Story On Jane The Virgin

Remember when he went undercover?

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The Jane the Virgin series finale stunned the world on Jul. 31, 2019, offering Jane and Rafael's long-awaited happy ending after five seasons of romantic fits and starts. Fans were hopeful for Jane getting a satisfying end one way or another, because anything else would be too cruel, right? Jane had been single for four long episodes since she let Michael go earlier on in Season 5 and asked Rafael to take her back. Although he'd been seeing other people, a Jane and Rafael relationship timeline from Jane the Virgin may remind you why this pair was always endgame. Whether you believe it was fate or just Raf's sister's carelessness that brought these two together, Jane and Rafael forever seemed destined for one another. (Sorry, Michael fans.)

Despite Michael returning from the dead, Jane decided she wanted to be with Rafael in "Chapter 88." Unfortunately, he didn't feel the same way and her co-parent began dating other people. However, as this timeline highlights, Jane and Rafael have found their way back to one another through impossible odds before. And they ultimately did once more before their wedding in the series finale.

So take a trip down the memory lane that is their relationship to remember why they belong together — just be careful because it's a bumpy ride.

They're Strangers Who Shared A Magical Kiss

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As we see in the pilot, before the events of Jane the Virgin begin, Rafael was the one-time crush of Jane's who never called her back after they shared a kiss years earlier. Things were complicated because he was her current boss at the Marbella — and they get just the teensiest bit more complicated when Luisa inseminates Jane with Raf's sperm.

They're Pregnant Together — Kind Of

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While it's weird for Jane, she allows Rafael into her life since she's pregnant with his child. Although she's with her fiancé Michael, she can't deny the attraction she feels for Rafael. Alas, Raf is still trying to get out of a relationship with Petra.

Jane Ends Things With Michael

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Once Rafael is really free of Petra, he also can't deny his deep connection with Jane. And with Michael lying to Jane about Petra and struggling to come to terms with her pregnancy, Jane decides to dump him and stop fighting her feelings for Rafael. In "Chapter 6," they share their second kiss — complete with their signature symbol, flower petals.

Rafael Proposes

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Jane and Rafael spend most of Season 1 as boyfriend and girlfriend, but Rafael wants to hit the gas and move in together. When Jane is hesitant, his solution is a grand and elaborate proposal at a book reading by Jane's favorite romance novelist.

But even though Jane loves Rafael, she's not ready to take these big steps with him — and her lingering feelings for Michael are part of the reason for that.

Rafael Ends Things

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Rafael ends up pulling away after his proposal was rejected. With all the other stressors in his life, like his father being murdered and Marbella drama, he decides to end their relationship because he can't fully be there.

Although he convinces Jane he's over it, Raf confesses to Luisa that he still loves Jane but gave her up to save the hotel.

Mateo Is Born

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Luisa encourages her brother to seize the day and profess his true feelings to Jane. However, Janae's still angry at him for dumping her — and even more preoccupied with giving birth to their son, Mateo, in the Season 1 finale.

Jane Goes On 'The Bachelorette'

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In Season 2, Jane imagines herself as the Bachelorette to help her decide whether she loves Michael or Rafael more after Mateo is born. Unfortunately, she ends up telling them that she loves them both. Once Rafael finds out Petra is pregnant, things get even more confusing.

Jane Chooses Michael

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Jane and Rafael do share another kiss. But not long after, she realizes she wants to be with Michael after they share a kiss. Jane is fully convinced she is picking Michael. But when he picks a fight with Raf because he believes Raf reported information that got him fired, she says goodbye to Michael.

Rafael Betrays Jane

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Although Rafael does try to kiss Jane, they live as platonic co-parents for a few months — even with Michael out of the picture. Raf gives it a shot with a mom from Mateo's baby class, but he realizes he still wants to be with Jane and asks her out on a date. Yet, when Jane learns that Rafael really was the one who got Michael fired, all hope of a romance between these two is dashed for the time being.

Jane Chooses Michael

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Michael pretends to not be interested in Jane because he's undercover. So she tries to move on by dating people other than Michael and Rafael. Rafael reconnects with a pregnant Petra for a hot minute, but then tells Jane he still loves her.

Jane rejects him another time, which is good timing since in that very same episode, "Chapter 34," Michael and Jane profess their love for one another.

Rafael Lets Jane Go

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Rafael has double the Petra love trouble when her twin sister Anezka comes to town. Yet, he still has feelings for Jane even after she is re-engaged to Michael. Rather than ruin her wedding day though, Rafael finally decides to keep his feelings to himself. Jane officially marries Michael while Raf runs into Petra's arms (who just so happens to be Anezka impersonating Petra).

Rafael Dates Jane's Cousin

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Jane and Michael are happily married in Season 3. But Jane can't help but feel a twinge of possessiveness when Rafael begins dating her shady cousin Catalina. However, after a handful of episodes, Raf breaks up with Catalina since his plate is pretty full with three children and she's not fully trustworthy.

They Move 3 Years Into The Future

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Michael dies in "Chapter 54" and it changes everything — even the timeline on the show since Jane the Virgin jumps three years into the future. Jane is mourning Michael while Rafael, after a stint in prison, dates greeting card CEO Abbey Whitman for more than a year.

Yet, their dating lives don't matter since Jane and Rafael are best friends now and the ultimate co-parents — even involving Petra more as Mateo, Anna, and Elsa are older.

They Date Other People

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Rafael breaks up with Abbey and realizes he wants to be with Petra again. But even that's not so simple since Petra is seeing the owner of the hotel next door, Chuck Chesser. Meanwhile, Jane tries to date Michael's partner Dennis, but that proves ill-fated from the start. She eventually goes on to casually date after Michael with Rogelio's costar Fabian.

Jane Tries To Let Rafael Go

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After Fabian, Jane realizes she cares about Rafael again. But she encourages Petra and Rafael to pursue their feelings for one another. However, even though Jane is trying to stay out of it, she ends up being the reason Raf and Petra's reunion is so short-lived.

They Become Roommates

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A power play by Luisa leads Rafael to have no money or hotel to live in, so he joins the Villanueva household in Season 4. Jane still has feelings for Raf, but he's stuck on Petra. So she decides to focus on rekindling the flame with her first love Adam. That proves more successful than Raf's love endeavor since Petra breaks up with him pretty quickly.

They Get In A Huge Fight

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Jane does not approve of Rafael's scheme to use hotel financier Katherine Cortes to get his hotel back. The disagreement leads to multiple fights and Rafael temporarily moves out. But when Rafael confesses he doesn't feel the same way as Katherine, she runs him over with her car and he moves back in to Alba's house.

They Find Their Groove

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Rafael and Jane's relationship enters a really healthy and supportive place as they decide to live like family and not lovers. But when Adam takes a job in L.A. and dumps Jane, the timing is right and they share a kiss in the kitchen.

However, Jane isn't as impressed with the kiss as Rafael, so he has to work for her love all over again.

They Fall In Love Again

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Rafael gets his own studio apartment just as they decide to give their relationship another try (which involved a fair bit of waffling and keeping it a secret). But for the first time since Season 1, Jane and Rafael are finally a couple again — and they finally have sex with one another.

They're Ready To Get Engaged

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Once they are officially dating, it doesn't take long for Jane and Rafael to find a one-bedroom apartment together for them and Mateo. Rafael also reveals to Xo, Rogelio, and Alba that he plans to propose to Jane.

They Face Michael's Return

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Jane is all set to accept Raf's anticipated proposal, but then Michael comes back from the deal. Rafael learns the truth about Michael from Sin Rostro and so he selflessly reveals to Jane that her husband is still alive, but has amnesia.

Rafael Breaks Up With Jane

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Jane and Raf start Season 5 vowing to make their relationship work. But once Michael gets his memory back, Jane understandably wants to see if she still has feelings for her long-lost husband. Rafael reflects on all the times he was rejected by Jane (this timeline would have come in handy) and kicks her out of their new home.

Jane Wants Rafael Back

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Jane explores her feelings for Michael and goes out to his new home of Montana. But while there, she can't envision a future without Rafael. She officially ends things with her husband, but when she returns to Miami, Rafael says he doesn't trust her anymore and doesn't take her back.

They're Co-Parenting

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Jane and Rafael are putting their son first and being the best co-parents they can be in Season 5. But that doesn't mean Jane's heart doesn't glow for Raf. And since he tells Jane he's dating other people, she may consider the dating game herself.

Michael Proposes (Again!)

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After Rafael ends things with his coworker Julie (Sophia Bush), he realizes that Jane was the one for him all along. (Finally!) As fans remember, his previous plans to pop the question at the end of season 4 were dashed (thanks to Michael's unexpected arrival).

This time Rafael's intimate proposal goes off without a hitch. Soon after, Jane and Rafael have an unofficial wedding ceremony in front of Mateo to seal their love for one another — and soothe their child's fears about another breakup. (You and me both, Mateo!)

They Get Married In An Emotional Ceremony

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After five seasons of ups and downs, Jane and Rafael swap vows in the Jane the Virgin series finale, despite the minor issue of Rafael being briefly detained (!!). They choke up during each other's vows, kiss mid-ceremony, and support one another up until the final credits.

Considering their deep love for one another and everything they've been through, it wouldn't be right if Jane and Rafael didn't end up together. That attraction and fate that brought them together in the first place came back in full force to spark some magic for this ultimate Jane the Virgin couple.

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