Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Turning 53 By Dropping Her New “Booty Balm”

Plus, she opened up about Ben Affleck and how he makes her “feel really confident and beautiful.”

Weeks after marrying Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez's birthday celebration included a major beauty mome...

One week after getting married to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez is celebrating another personal milestone: her 53rd birthday! It’s her first as Jennifer Affleck, her new legal name according to Clark County, Nevada records — and the “Marry Me” singer herself, who signed her “On The JLo” newsletter announcing the nuptials “Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck.”

Though Lopez decided to change her name legally following the July 17 wedding, she never plans to stop being J. Lo on a professional level. “J. Aff doesn’t have quite the same ring to it,” she told Access Hollywood in 2003, during the couple’s first engagement.

So when Lopez announced that she would be celebrating her latest birthday with a new “booty balm,” rest assured it came from JLo Beauty — or, specifically, JLo Body by JLo Beauty, a new branch of her skin-care line designed “to address [the body]’s specific and unique needs,” she announced on July 24, alongside an Instagram video of the musician in a strappy black bodysuit.

“We give all this gear and attention to the skin on our face, but we sometimes neglect our body,” Lopez said in a video to her newsletter subscribers. “We cannot neglect this. This is our temple, this is our body.”

The aforementioned Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm is JLo Body’s first product offering — which, she explained to People, includes “pink pepperslim to fade the look of stretch marks, guarana seed extract to smooth, caffeine to tighten, peptides to boost collagen production, and powerful hydrators like squalene, shea butter and hyaluronic acid.”

In her People interview, Lopez also opened up about her relationship with Affleck — with whom she recently vacationed in Paris after the wedding, E! reports. “He is like, ‘I like you when you have nothing on. No hair on, no makeup on, just you in your own skin,’” she told the magazine. “He really appreciates that. And that makes me feel really confident and beautiful. Someone can see the essence of who you are and just the skin that you’re in and that I take care of that and that he appreciates that. That makes me feel really beautiful too.”

The Hustlers star also took a moment to celebrate her own birthday, of course. “I am the age I am, but I feel amazing and happier than ever. I feel like I’m just at my halftime right now and just getting started,” she said, referencing her Halftime Netflix documentary that dropped earlier this summer.