Lizzo Joked About Being “Black Taylor Swift” With Her Songs About Her Love Life

The three-time Grammy winner isn’t afraid to call herself “trifling.”

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The summer of Lizzo continues, and her latest album, Special, is making it all the more, well, special. She has earned the right to call herself a global superstar and isn’t too shy to compare herself to other big names. The three-time Grammy winner recently discussed writing songs about her relationships during an interview on The Breakfast Club radio show, and she called herself “Black Taylor Swift” in that regard.

Lizzo explained to hosts Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy (real name: RaaShaun Casey) that she uses real-life experiences to inspire her music. “All my songs are about things that happen to me,” she said. When DJ Envy then asked her if the people she dates should know she might sing about them, Lizzo immediately answered, “Absolutely. I’m Black Taylor Swift. I really am. I’m trifling.”

Just one example is “Break Up Twice,” which is actually about her current significant other, Myke Wright, whom she apparently felt needed a little warning when she gave him a second chance. “I talked to my girlfriends yesterday,” Lizzo sings on the track. “They reminded me of when you had me crying in my car.” She goes on to reference a barbecue in the next line and how her friends “all gave you attitude,” before later moving on to remind him, “Boy, you know you better watch out.”

As she recounted on the radio show, a “certain gentleman” (ahem, Wright) was over at her house for a barbecue when they were rekindling their romance, and one of her friends went up to him and said, “If you f*ck with her, I’m going to slash your mother*cking tires.” Lizzo described her reaction to her friend’s threat as a shocked “Oh my god,” mixed with “damn, that’s real love.” That very week, she recorded the song about it.

Well, her boyfriend got the message. “She didn’t slash some tires, though, because … he’s been right ever since,” Lizzo reported on The Breakfast Club. While she didn’t name him, she did joke about how they’d had a “soft launch” of their relationship, meaning she posted photos with him on Instagram but didn’t tag him. Apparently, when they walk a red (emphasis on red) carpet together, that will really be official.

Swift, of course, has turned her relationships into some huge hits over the years. And like Lizzo, she tries to keep key details private. The pop star has never confirmed the subject of 2012’s “All Too Well” (and the subsequent re-recordings), for example, even though many fans are convinced the ex in question in Jake Gyllenhaal. (Even Dionne Warwick is trying to locate that infamous red scarf.)

The two singer-songwriters also both have an abundance of inspiration at times. Lizzo revealed that she wrote “over 170 songs” and “had to cut a lot” for Special. Maybe she’ll have her own Swift-like “from the vault” moments in the future, too.