Everything You Need To Know About Lizzo’s New Album Special

“It’s one of the most musically bad*ss, daring, and sophisticated bodies of work I’ve done to date.”

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All the rumors are true: Lizzo’s new album is imminent. The singer-songwriter announced that her sophomore major label album was finally finished during an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden on March 21, explaining that it took “three freaking years” to complete. “I feel amazing,” she said.

While her new album won’t be heard by the public until July, Lizzo’s follow-up to her Grammy Album of the Year-nominated Cuz I Love You has already been approved by her harshest critic: her mom. “She was the last to hear it because she’s a Virgo woman and she’s a harsh critic,” she explained to James Corden. “I was like, ‘Let me get this perfect for my mommy to hear it.’ But she cried. She loved it so much.” Lizzo’s friends also gave her their honest feedback. “They’ll tell me like, ‘This ain’t it girl,’ or once they start twerking, I’m like, ‘This is it,” she said, laughing.

In February, Lizzo teased the record in an interview with Variety, saying that she hopes it uplifts listeners. “It’s one of the most musically bad*ss, daring, and sophisticated bodies of work I’ve done to date,” she said. “And I hope that it is some of the most useful pieces of music to ever exist. All I want to do is help people through my music.” Lead single “About Damn Time” proves that Lizzo is out to empower both her fans and herself with this album.

Here’s everything you need to know about Lizzo’s forthcoming album.

When Does Lizzo’s New Album Come Out?

Lizzo’s new album is set to be released on July 15.

The April 14 announcement came just a day before she unveiled the album’s first single “About Damn Time,” which has since gone on to chart in the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and become a viral TikTok dance trend. She performed the song live on the April 16 episode of Saturday Night Live, when she made her hosting debut on the show.

What Is The Title & Tracklist Of Lizzo’s Album?

Lizzo’s sophomore album is titled Special, after a self-empowerment ballad that she debuted on Saturday Night Live later that weekend. On July 6, just days before the release date, Lizzo finally revealed the Special tracklist, which includes 12 tracks, ranging from “About Damn Time” and “Special” to a seeming ode to Coldplay and the proud declaration that “Everybody’s Gay.”

The Special tracklist is as follows:

  1. “The Sign”
  2. “About Damn Time”
  3. “Grrrls”
  4. “2 Be Loved”
  5. “I Love You Bitch”
  6. “Special”
  7. “Break Up Twice”
  8. “Everybody’s Gay”
  9. “Naked”
  10. “Birthday Girl”
  11. “If You Love Me”
  12. “Coldplay”

Are There Any Collaborators On Lizzo’s Album?

As indicated by the tracklist, there are no other artists featured on Lizzo’s new album. Even her previously released collaboration with Cardi B, “Rumors,” was surprisingly omitted from the tracklist, meaning that Special will be a strong solo statement from the singer.

While there may be no guest features, behind the scenes, Lizzo has worked with a number of high-profile producers to create the album, including pop powerhouse Max Martin, Benny Blanco, and Mark Ronson. She also reunited with her “Truth Hurts” collaborator Ricky Reed, who produced much of Cuz I Love You, so expect them to make more magic once again.

Where Can You Hear Lizzo’s New Album?

While appearing on Corden, Lizzo gave an exclusive preview of “About Damn Time,” a sultry, uplifting disco-influenced tune that was bouncy enough to make the crowd and fellow guest Gabrielle Union get on their feet. Needless to say, expect Lizzo to make you dance when the album comes out.

She also teased that fans can hear even more new music very soon on her upcoming series Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, which starts streaming on Friday, March 25. “There’s gonna be previews of new music on the show before the album comes out, so if you want some new music, watch Watch Out for the Big Grrrls on Prime Video March 25,” she said. However, don’t expect any hints from her. “I’m not gonna tell you which episodes, so you’ll have to binge all of ’em,” she added.

What Will Lizzo’s New Album Focus On?

Speaking to Variety, Lizzo said that her new album focuses on love, which is something that even surprised her. “I think that I will never be the kind of artist that’s like, ‘This album is about a story I wrote; it’s not real’,” she explained. “I’m always just a very personal, like I’m-talking-to-my-friend-on- the-phone-with-really-good-music-behind-me b*tch. It is a love album. I’m shocked.” While she didn’t say exactly why love was on her mind, saying she wouldn’t talk about her love life, Lizzo’s new album will only fuel her reputation as a genuine, reliable source of self-love and respect.

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