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Fans Are Losing It Over The Surprise Bachelor In Paradise Evacuation

The contestants’ reactions were all over the place.

A tropical storm caused Bachelor in Paradise contestants to evacuate and fans lost it online. Photo ...

While couples were busy falling in love, sharing traumas, and eating tacos off of each other on the Sept. 21 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, a storm was brewing. Literally. Toward the end of the episode, producers came in to warn the contestants of an impending tropical storm and told the contestants to evacuate immediately. Slow to pack yet quick to worry about their romances, the contestants’ evacuation was the most tense part of the episode (before Aaron and Ivan got into it at the very end), and Twitter could not handle the weather-induced drama.

Live-tweeting along with the episode, viewers were quick to point out that producers showing up is never a good sign. Though they may be famous for meddling in everyone’s business, it’s incredibly rare that they actually appear on screen, making this storyline feel even more stressful.

While the threat of a storm is certainly scary, some found the contestants’ reactions to be a bit dramatic. Why would you never see Mari again, Kenny? Aren’t you all going to the same hotel?

Some users who think the season is all sugar and spice now that the villains are gone (*cough* Brendan and Pieper *cough*) are welcoming the show’s new shakeup. “This tropical storm is the villain we needed,” user MNDanimal tweeted.

Others wondered why contestants seemed extra slow despite being told that they were in actual danger, even pausing for interviews while trying to get to safety. The priorities on this beach are questionable.

Ultimately, the evacuation turned out to be anticlimactic, as the contestants were back on the island after just one commercial break.