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Twitter Is Losing It Over That Loki & Sylvie Blanket Scene

Fans even picked up on an MCU detail that makes the moment even more meaningful.

Loki and Sylvie's Episode 5 moment had Twitter talking. Photo via Marvel
Marvel Studios

Spoilers ahead for Loki Episode 5. From the heroic return of Mobius to the deadpan charm of Alligator Loki (and all that variant mischief), there was a lot to love in Loki’s latest episode. The feel-good moments were so frequent, in fact, that wary viewers might start to wonder whether or not Loki(s) and co. will have a happy ending when the finale airs July 14 — plus, there are still so many questions at play. Who is behind the Time Variance Authority? Is it Kang The Conqueror? Is Renslayer complicit in the Time-Keepers charade or a victim herself? What’s the deal with Miss Minutes? And will Mobius finally get a chance to ride a jet-ski?

For now, though, Twitter is celebrating the penultimate episode’s glorious blend of humor and heartfelt connection the best way it knows how: with memes aplenty and, of course, a few call-outs of details you might have missed the first time around. Naturally, many of them revolve around Loki, Sylvie, and that sweet blanket moment — as well as the developing dynamic between Mobius and the variants, who got to spend more time together as a trio. Here are some of the best memes and tweets about Loki and Sylvie in Episode 5.

Though viewers still differ on whether or not the God and Goddess of Mischief’s vibe is romantic or platonic, Loki’s conjuring up a bigger blanket to share with Sylvie was adorable to see either way — and several viewers think there’s an added layer to the kind gesture. As user ShivamChatak explained, the variants are Frost Giants, so theoretically, they shouldn’t be cold... right?

If Frost Giants really are impervious to the shivers (and Loki’s brush with one in Thor confirms he can withstand a lot more than that), then the scene’s subtext makes the blanket moment even cuter.

Another element of the scene that was equally emotional for many viewers: Loki and Sylvie’s chat about Mobius and how the Goddess of Mischief’s friendship with Mobius evolved over the course of the episode. In addition to Sylvie astutely pointing out how Mobius cares for Loki, the agent returned the favor upon his departure, telling her, “You’re my favorite.”