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Everything You Need To Know About What Loki Clock Miss Minutes Is Up To

The cheery Time Variance Authority mascot is super suspicious.

Everything to know about Miss Minutes in 'Loki.' Photo via Marvel/Disney

Spoilers ahead for Loki. Even though Miss Minutes wasn’t in Episode 3 of Loki, the entry’s big mic-drop moment — that the Time Variance Authority is comprised of variants just like Loki and Sylvie — definitely made viewers think of the seemingly sweet clock back at the office. Because if the TVA is based on a lie, then she appears to be its biggest fibber.

After all, it’s Miss Minutes’ cheery voice that welcomes Loki to the TVA and pedals that first foundational deceit: that the Time-Keepers created the agency “and all its incredible workers” to preserve the Sacred Timeline. As she tells Loki in Episode 2, she’s “sort of both” digital recording and sentient being (which, terrifying) — and the mystery just keeps on growing. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Miss Minutes’ voice actor Tara Strong — who also voiced Timmy Turner on The Fairly OddParents — teased that there is still “much more to be revealed” when it comes to the character.

As viewers wait to see that journey unfold, here is everything you should know about Miss Minutes so far.

Is Miss Minutes In The Marvel Comics?


Though the TVA made its debut in a 1986 issue of The Mighty Thor, Miss Minutes did not appear. In fact, the animated clock was created specifically for Loki, making her motives that much trickier to decode.

Even though Miss Minutes is new to viewers, her retro design could be a nod to the era the TVA was born into. As director and executive producer Kate Herron told The Wrap, there was a running joke in the writers’ room about how the TVA hadn’t updated its tech since the ’80s. “I really like the idea that the people at the top of the tree were not using the most futuristic-looking technology,” she said. “They’re not in the past, and they’re not in the future.”

What Does Miss Minutes Know?

Though at first Miss Minutes seemed to be a mere mascot, small clues scattered throughout Loki’s first three episodes suggest the clock knows more than she’s letting on. For example, her warm facade gives way to a stern, furrowed look when she’s drilling Loki on his timeline lessons in Episode 2 — the change happens when she warns against the “collapse of reality as we know it,” a moment that makes Miss Minutes a little more threatening than initially believed.

Marvel Studios

Another clue comes in the form of a post-credits voiceover. In Episode 1, the friendly Miss Minutes can be heard greeting the viewers. “Thanks for visiting the TVA,” she says. “Don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing!” Though it could be a just-for-fun addition, the fact that the voiceover does not appear in the following episodes’ credits could point to Miss Minutes’ active role in the TVA’s timeline enforcement and deceit. After all, the ending of Episode 1 left the agency in a fairly calm place — far from the chaos of Episode 2’s Roxxcart escape and Sacred Timeline explosion. Perhaps there’s no voiceover after the other episodes because Miss Minutes is too busy trying to fix the mess Loki and Sylvie made or answering to the higher powers-that-be.

Does Miss Minutes Know The Time-Keepers?

Speaking of those powers...

On June 29, the official Loki Instagram unveiled a closer look at the mystical Time-Keepers, suggesting they might be making their series debut soon. Since it appears that the Time-Keepers only work with the higher-ups at the TVA (Ravonna Renslayer, for example, has met them but not Mobius), it would make sense that the de-facto TVA spokesperson would know them on some level. Miss Minutes is quick to praise them on Twitter — though it’s not clear whether @MissMinutesTVA is an official Loki account, the page is an insightful look at the perceived inner workings of an increasingly stressed-out clock.

Who Created Miss Minutes?

Episode 3 revealed that the TVA is made of brainwashed variants — but how do you brainwash a cartoon clock? “The beautiful thing about this character is you don’t really know who she is, where she’s from, what her origin story is, how sentient she is, if she has a horse in this race at all, and what her intentions are, if any,” Strong told The Hollywood Reporter. “Like any good, exciting adventure ... you are left wondering that all the time. So she’s an intriguing character, and that will continue.”

Miss Minutes may be sentient in some way, but she is definitely digital, too — perhaps a techy creation by Kang the Conqueror, who hails from the 31st century and is theorized to either be the Time-Keepers or work with them, depending on who you ask. Whether Kang or the Time-Keepers or some hybrid of both, Miss Minutes must have been made by a pretty powerful (and smart) creator.

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A sophisticated avatar would be an invaluable asset to anyone keen on controlling the Sacred Timeline through the facade of the TVA because Miss Minutes can go where other agents can’t. She even appears on the TemPad in Episode 3, as Loki and Sylvie go on their rogue expedition through Lamentis-1. Sure, her tiny presence on the device’s screen might just be for show — the Loki equivalent of a Microsoft Clippy — but if the Time-Keepers are as obsessed with Loki’s case as Renslayer says they are, then perhaps they used Miss Minutes to interfere with the variants’ journey.

Whatever happens, the mystery of Miss Minutes is bound to unfold in the chaotic second half of Loki.