Scheana Is All Of Us Watching The Vanderpump Rules Reunion From Her Trailer

“I hope Scheana is goat cheese balling in her trailer.”

Memes & Tweets About Scheana's Reactions To The 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion

The true star of the Vanderpump Rules reunion is Scheana Shay’s trailer 100 yards away from Raquel Leviss. Thanks to a restraining order that Leviss filed against her (then attempted to drop at the reunion), Shay had to watch the third part of the Pump Rules Season 10 reunion from her trailer, and Twitter agreed that she was a total mood.

After saying her piece on the first two parts of the reunion (while Leviss watched from her own trailer), Shay left the set, put on a sweatshirt with her signature quote, “It’s all happening,” and saw the drama unfold from a camera feed — with Sun Chips and a White Claw in her hand, like many viewers. Leviss was facing the entire cast for the first time since #Scandoval unfolded, including Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval’s girlfriend of nine years who he cheated on with Leviss.

Almost immediately, Shay gawked, laughed, and was utterly startled by nearly everything that came out of Leviss’ and Sandoval’s mouths, just like everyone else at home. Later on, she was joined by her husband, Brock Davies, and James Kennedy’s girlfriend, Ally Lewber, who were both dismayed by what they were witnessing. Shay was especially disgusted by Sandoval’s comment involving Madix wearing a T-shirt, screaming that she wanted to throw her White Claw through the TV screen, just like everyone else did.

Naturally, Twitter was in full agreement that the trio were all of us.

Naturally, Twitter also made hilarious memes about Shay’s reactions — and turned those reactions into memes themselves.

You could say that Shay’s reactions were “Good As Gold.”