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Nicola Coughlan Wants To Make Megan Thee Stallion’s Bridgerton Dream Come True

The Bridgerton star went straight to Shondaland.

Nicola Coughlan responds to Megan Thee Stallion asking for a 'Bridgerton' role.
David M. Benett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you watched Bridgerton and thought it could use more hot girl vibes, it seems you’re not alone. One Nicola Coughlan — aka Penelope Featherington, the heroine of Season 3 — is ready to give the ton something special. She just needs Shondaland to bring Megan Thee Stallion on board.

Conversation about the rapper and Bridgerton started on Oct. 15, when Megan hosted Saturday Night Live and served as the musical guest. During her monologue, she talked about her many talents, including being “a really good actress.” That led her to show off her British accent — and publicly demand a spot on one of Netflix’s most popular series. “Put me in Bridgerton, b*tch,” the three-time Grammy winner said, simply.

Well, the message was effective. Coughlan appeared to belatedly catch Megan’s monologue on Oct. 21, when she posted video to her Instagram story that showed her watching and reacting to the SNL moment. “Yeah, hi, is this Shondaland?” the Derry Girls vet said in the clip. “Yeah, I’ve got a new suggestion for our cast. Are you ready?”

It might be too late for Megan to be added to Season 3 given that filming began in July, but a fan on Twitter came up with a brilliant way to get her involved now anyway: “@shondaland could we have a song from Megan Thee Stallion,” they wrote in part, while “throwing out ideas.” The show’s soundtrack is known for giving modern hits a classical remake, so it’s a brilliant suggestion. Whether or not it will happen, of course, is another issue.

Bridgerton Season 3 will follow the story of Penelope and her longtime secret crush, Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), which is based on the Julia Quinn novel Romancing Mister Bridgerton. The book is actually the fourth in Quinn’s series, but Bridgerton will put Polin in the spotlight early. On Oct. 4, Coughlan responded on Instagram to fans who were vocal in complaining about the change, among other aspects of the hit Netflix series. “I will never have any say over storylines, what order stories are going in, what’s on posters, who’s on posters, who’s doing what press,” she said. “That’s, like, way beyond my skill set.”

Coughlan also emphasized that she doesn’t “have a choice in most things,” which sadly includes casting. Sure, she can suggest that Shondaland find a way to bring in Megan, but ultimately, it’s not up to her. “I’m there to do the acting,” she added.

Several new Bridgerton Season 3 characters have already been announced. Most recently, Deadline revealed the addition of Hannah New (Black Sails), who will play Lady Tilley Arnold, a young widow embracing her financial independence and sexual freedom. “I couldn’t wish for a more fabulous, formidable, fun and sexy woman to play!” New wrote of her character on Instagram on Oct. 14. With or without Megan, it sounds like she’ll help make it a hot girl ton.