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12 Of Phaedra Parks’ Most Memeable Moments From The Traitors Season 2

Is there an adorable alliance brewing?

Phaedra Parks in 'The Traitors' Season 2. Photo via Peacock
Euan Cherry/Peacock

Once The Traitors Season 2 cast was announced, fans eagerly anticipated a thrilling game that brings together everyone from a Bachelor and Big Brother greats to a formidable Bravo delegation of stars for a murder mystery in the Scottish Highlands. Yet even in such quotable company, Phaedra Parks has made quite the impression.

The Married to Medicine and Real Housewives of Atlanta star announced her plan to become “queen of the castle” as soon as she was tapped as a Traitor. She’s more than lived up to the title, blending in with the Faithfuls with an approach she’s described as “Listen, take notes, and agree.”

Phaedra’s snappy sound bites and feigned nonchalance do a good job of disguising that she is, very much, a Traitor. It’s unclear how long she can slip under the radar — suspicions are growing as the castle population dwindles — but for now, take a look back at some of Phaedra’s best Traitors quotes and moments so far. Mild spoilers for Episode 7 ahead.

“This Is Not The Bachelor. And I Don’t Have To Kiss Your Ass For A Rose.”

This shade toward Peter Weber in The Traitors Season 2 trailer encapsulates Phaedra’s uncanny ability to say something sharply funny without blinking an eye.

Euan Cherry/Peacock

Her Cast Introductions

In Episode 1, Phaedra talked about her fellow castle dwellers with Chris “CT” Tamburello — saying Johnny Bananas gives “Repo Man vibes,” and explaining to CT the tea about Larsa Pippen dating Marcus Jordan after her divorce from Scottie Pippen. “That’s Michael Jordan’s son! Child, wake up and smell the coffee.”

“I Actually Care About A Lot Of These People. But They Must Die.”

Phaedra captures The Traitors’ ethos as viewers see her comforting Larsa after Marcus was eliminated — cutting to her confessional, where she explains she’s not actually that bothered by make-believe murder.

“Oh, My Lord. Sweet Baby Jesus. Not Ekin-Su. Lord, Not Ekin-Su.”

Phaedra was horrified by fellow Traitor Parvati Shallow’s decision to murder Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, and she made that clear with an impassioned lament that became a classic moment in Traitors lore.


Taking Parvati To Task

Later in the episode, Phaedra confronted Parvati for casting doubt on her at the roundtable. “That wasn’t cool,” she scolds in the Traitors’ turret, telling Parvati to play fair or risk the Housewife’s further wrath.

The moment marked a significant turning point in Phaedra’s gameplay — or at least, her fellow Traitors’ perception of it. While she might play nice with the Faithfuls to establish she’s not a threat, Bravo viewers know she has quite an edge, too.

“Boiled Eggs?”

Every time I watch The Traitors, I find myself craving a delicious breakfast spread. So Phaedra looking for boiled eggs and enjoying a slice of breakfast meat while her castmates discuss last night’s murder is very relatable — and a smart way to lay low.


“Not My Bergalicious!”

Phaedra’s fondness for castmate Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen quickly led to another iconic Traitors moment. Dan would try to use this as proof of Phaedra being “extra” and, thus, a Traitor (more on that later), but it backfired. As Kate Chastain put it, “‘Not my Bergalicious’ was problematic for you?”

“Get Your Suit Ready — Because If You Play Like This, I’m Gonna Be Embalming You Myself.”

As the castle grew increasingly wary of Dan’s slow-burn gameplay, Phaedra imparted a warning to her fellow Traitor — nodding to her mortician job in the process.

Crossing The River

The river crossing scene in Season 2’s catapult mission was cinema, between the rushing current and frantic, handheld camera work capturing players tripping over each other for a shield. But the part I had to keep replaying was CT and Phaedra helping each other through the rough water, and then holding hands once they reached the other side.

Phaedra’s willingness to be vulnerable and make friends might be her biggest strength as a Traitor.


“I Do Too Much ‘Cause You Do Too Little.”

The next time someone says you’re being extra, as Dan did to Phaedra at the Episode 6 roundtable, you can borrow this Shakespearean turn of phrase.

Phaedra’s ability to stay cool, calm, and collected while facing (correct) Traitor accusations saved her from being banished. She also told Dan, “If there was really a mastermind, it sure wouldn’t be a dolled-up Housewife, baby.” The deflection skills!

The Fireside Emotions

For all of Phaedra’s deft maneuvering, her emotional moment in Episode 7 was one of her best of the season. During a torch-lit activity where several members were granted the ability to bestow immunity from the Traitors’ grips, Shereé Whitfield opted to help out Phaedra, who was touched to tears. Then, Phaedra did the same for her friend CT! Why is a show about treachery so endearing?

“Soften Your Heart.”

After the Traitors narrowly escaped a banishment ceremony in Episode 7, Phaedra gave Parvati some tough-love advice in the turret, telling her fellow Traitor she needs to stop acting like an “Ice Princess” with “Mean Girls vibes, complete with an impression of Parvati’s calculating gaze. “You’re gonna have to just be more lovable,” she says. “Soften your heart.”

As one viewer wrote on X (formerly Twitter), Phaedra “keeps giving us gold.”