Everything To Know About The Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6

The women are moving back to Bravo.

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From the real-time breakdown of a marriage to shady gifts, Peacock’s The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 covered a range of real-life highs and lows among the 305-based friend group. Now, fans can look forward to more sun-soaked drama back in the franchise’s original home. On May 9, NBC Universal execs announced that RHOM Season 6 will return to Bravo, with new episodes airing the next day on Peacock.

Prior to Bravo’s renewal announcement, fans and critics alike agreed that the revival had already reached new heights. In February, TVLine’s Claire Franken declared RHOM the “best Housewives franchise,” while HuffPost guest writer Michael Arceneaux went a step further to call it the “best reality franchise on TV.”

“Many of the Bravo franchises are filled with fake storylines and toxicity, but Peacock is providing what Housewives fans love most: authenticity and escapism,” Arceneaux wrote. Meanwhile, Franken opined, “In other franchises, we have sprinter vans, psychic readings and stuffy formal dinners with seating assignments. In Miami we have OnlyFans photoshoots, witchy healing ceremonies and pool parties with flamingo floaties. The Real Housewives of Miami is fresh, it’s real and my god, it’s entertaining.”

With RHOM’s return officially confirmed, here’s everything to know about Season 6.

The RHOM Season 6 Cast

Across franchises, Housewives casts aren’t officially revealed until after filming wraps, as producers sometimes test women in different roles. However, all of the women — Larsa Pippen, Lisa Hochstein, Alexia Nepola (née Echevarria), Guerdy Abraira, Dr. Nicole Martin, and Julia Lemigova — are reportedly returning for Season 6. Also joining the women in friend roles are Marysol Patton, Adriana de Moura, and Kiki Barth.‌ After all, the formula seems to be working on RHOM: Ever since the series moved to Peacock in 2021, the cast has remained unchanged.

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After the “intense” RHOM Season 5 reunion, Nicole already seemed to confirm that they’d be back for Season 6. “I want to say we left the reunion and everybody was like, ‘Oh, everything was hunky-dory,’ you know, in the words of Kathy Hilton,” the anesthesiologist told Entertainment Tonight in February, adding, “But, yeah, no. Things are left unresolved, and it’s just going to be interesting to see where we go next season.”

After sparring with Larsa, Alexia, and Marysol at various points during Season 5, she also would “like an apology from so many people from the show.” As Nicole elaborated, “I don’t know, that would be nice, you know? I mean, there was some pretty sh*tty things that they said, and it would be nice to be like, ‘Hey, it was wrong. I should’ve had your back, I get you...’ I don’t know, [I’d like] for OGs to no longer have blind alliances. For them to be like, ‘Hey, for this one time — like, OG, you were wrong I side with the newbie.’”

RHOM Season 6 Spoilers

Several cast members, including Julia, Adriana, and Lisa, confirmed on social media that Season 6 filming was underway in April. The following month, Guerdy shared that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer in March and was preparing for surgery and treatment, which will likely factor heavily into her main Season 6 storyline. During a RHOM cast trip to Mexico City to support Adriana’s Pride performance on June 24, Guerdy required medical attention, as seen in photos shared on the Queens of Bravo Instagram account.

While teasing boyfriend Marcus Jordan’s appearance in the upcoming season, Larsa confirmed reports that she threw a drink at Adriana while cameras were rolling. (Nicole previously wrote on social media that “someone got baptized,” and Adriana later revealed herself as the victim.) “It wasn’t in a mean or malicious way, but drinks were definitely thrown,” Larsa teased to Entertainment Tonight in July, revealing that she still has a “bite mark” from one of her fellow cast members. “Maybe it was a love bite, but one of the girls bit me the other day. This season’s kinda crazy.”

Marcus, for his part, told Us Weekly that his family, which includes his NBA icon father, Michael Jordan — i.e. Larsa’s ex Scottie Pippen’s former Chicago Bulls teammate — is “warming up to” him appearing on RHOM. “I let them know that I definitely filmed a little bit with Larsa this season,” he told the magazine on June 13. “We’re super private as a family, but they know I’m an adult. They trust that I can navigate that universe. But it’s definitely been a learning curve for sure.”

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Meanwhile, Lisa’s divorce from Lenny Hochstein remains ongoing, and likely won’t be finalized until after the season wraps filming. According to court documents obtained by Page Six, the exes entered into a marriage settlement agreement on June 23, and the two are expected to sign off on the agreement during a scheduled July 27 hearing. Lisa also confirmed in March that she was dating someone new: entrepreneur Jody Glidden, who appeared briefly in the Season 5 reunion.

The RHOM Potential Premiere Date

Peacock premiered RHOM Seasons 4 and 5 a year apart in December, so it’s likely that Season 6 will follow suit and drop in December 2023. Stay tuned for an official release date, though.

This post will be updated as more The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 details become available.

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