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All The Clues Gerry Gets Engaged In The Golden Bachelor Finale

He was “so pleasantly surprised by how things ended.”

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'The Golden Bachelor' star Gerry Turner dropped engagement hints (image via ABC's press site)
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The biggest potential Golden Bachelor spoilers might have come from the lead himself. Soon after production wrapped, Gerry Turner hinted at an engagement, gushing to Entertainment Weekly that he was “so pleasantly surprised by how things ended,” and he didn’t regret anything about the experience.

Weeks later, the 72-year-old Indiana grandfather had a coy reply to Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer’s question about whether or not he found love on the latest Bachelor Nation spin-off. “Well, if I didn’t, would I be sitting here smiling from ear to ear?” Gerry teased.

Shortly after meeting the women, aged 60 to 75, Gerry revealed that an engagement was a “very realistic possibility.” Though he still can’t definitively confirm if he got down on one knee in the Golden Bachelor finale, the retired restaurateur recently admitted he may have slipped a clue on the pickleball court, post-filming.

“I made a random comment one day after the taping was over,” he recalled to Bustle. “And one of the [players] came to me a couple of days later and said, ‘Gerry, you said this, and that helps me narrow it down to two or three people.’ So it’s like, Oh my God. Now, I totally trust that she’ll keep it to herself. But it was good detective work on her part to listen and hear that little thing that I said.”

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The first Golden Bachelor, who was married for 43 years before his late wife’s unexpected passing in 2017, also got advice from the inaugural Bachelorette lead, Trista Sutter.

“She said, “Gerry, don’t look for the woman that you can live with. Look for the woman you can’t live without.” And that became a theme for me. That was the litmus test that I looked at everyone with,” he said.

Potential spoilers ahead! Now that Gerry is more tight-lipped in the weeks following his reported Aug. 31 final rose ceremony in Costa Rica, there haven’t been many more clues about whether one of the women passed that test. Though he now has an Instagram, Gerry only follows a handful of accounts, none including any contestants.

Even so, Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve believes he’s already sussed out Gerry’s final two women. After the Golden Bachelor reportedly eliminated Faith Martin after Hometowns, finalists Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist flew to Costa Rica to meet Gerry’s family, which includes daughters Angie and Jenny, as well as his grandchildren, Charlee and Payton (and his dog, Dakota, aka Cody).

Though the final rose recipient’s name has yet to leak, signs point to an engagement. Either way, Gerry insists he’s “very happy” these days.

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