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Carrie Saying Mr. Big Was A “Mistake” On And Just Like That... Divided Fans

“I feel betrayed.”

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker on 'Sex and the City.' Photo via HBO

Carrie Bradshaw is officially back in her Aidan era. During the Aug. 3 episode of And Just Like That..., the former couple decided to give their relationship a third try — and it’s getting serious. After spending more than a month hooking up in hotel rooms, the pair even decided Carrie should travel down to Aidan’s home in Virginia and meet his three sons.

Things were going so well, in fact, that Carrie began to question every life choice that led her to not being with Aidan all along. After telling Miranda that she was enjoying the best orgasms she’s ever had, Carrie suggested she “was holding a piece of [herself] back” in the past because of her thorny, on-and-off thing with Mr. Big.

“Like I couldn’t — or I wouldn’t — allow myself to fully go there. Just feel this connection,” she said. “You know? And I’m just wondering, was it always there and I just didn’t want to accept it? And Miranda ... I’ve been asking myself, was Big a big mistake?” Miranda, understandably, was stunned to hear Carrie say something so... loaded. “I still don’t know what to say,” she finally responded.

And she’s right: It’s surely a lot to hear your best friend say she maybe, possibly, regrets marrying her now-dead husband — especially if you low-key agree with her. Who could forget the friends’ thrift shop fight in Sex and the City Season 3, when Miranda literally said Carrie and Big’s affair was a “huge mistake”?

“He is bad for you! Jesus, every time you get near him, you turn into this pathetic, needy, insecure victim,” she continued.


To be fair, though, Carrie and Big’s relationship matured a lot since then. And for the brief amount of time we saw them together in And Just Like That..., they did seem happy! So naturally, several fans were displeased to hear Carrie regret her marriage — a mere month into dating Aidan, no less.

Later in the episode, Che asks Carrie and Aidan why they didn’t work out the first time. “Because I made a mistake,” Carrie replied — which could refer to her affair or more generally choosing Big. Either way, @takeyourzoloft pointed out, Aidan could have reassured her in that moment. (Granted, he won’t enter her apartment... so it’s clear he still has somewhat of a grudge.)

User @JiffyPopCulture was a fan of the moment, though, praising Carrie and Aidan’s renewed chemistry.

And despite the controversial comment, several viewers were fans of Carrie finally questioning her toxic past with Big.

And still, several other viewers seemed to arrive at a nuanced: Let it go.

As for Sarah Jessica Parker herself? She would seemingly disagree with Carrie’s assessment that Big was a mistake. As she told The Bradshaw Boys podcast back in 2020, “You have to be Team Big ... only because you can’t tell a story that long and not, in the most conventional way, kind of root for that ending.”