How FBoy Island’s Casey Went From FBoy To Nice Guy In Season 1

It was almost a great comeback story.

by Kadin Burnett
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Casey Johnson on 'Fboy Island'
Julie Corsetti/HBO Max

The premise of HBO Max’s FBoy Island is simple: three girls set out to date 24 men — half of whom are self-identifying Nice Guys, the other half are “FBoys.” If they choose a Nice Guy at the end, the new couple gets to split $100,000; if they choose an FBoy, the certified jerk has the chance to take the money all for himself.

But as Season 1 proved, just because someone arrives as an FBoy it doesn’t mean they can’t change for the better. That’s what happened to FBoy Casey Johnson last summer. And now he’s back, seemingly reformed and competing for love (or money) on Season 2. Here’s a refresher of what went down during his first stint on the island.

Casey Meets CJ

Casey came out of the gate as an early frontrunner in Season 1, catching the eye of lead CJ Franco almost immediately. CJ really didn’t bother exploring her options with anyone else for the first several episodes of the season, mostly due to her interest in Casey. Their feelings were mutual, and the couple took almost every opportunity to spend time together in the beginning, whether it was on a sanctioned date or sneaking away during parties.

Casey’s Friendship With Garrett

CJ wasn’t the only Season 1 cast member that Casey hit it off with. Viewers will remember his budding friendship with the show’s unabashed villain Garrett. The blonde FBoy spent most of the season trying to convince lead Sarah Emig that he wasn’t a jerk. But to no one’s surprise, Garrett tried to take Sarah’s share of the $100,000 prize money during the season finale, which nearly worked until the producers stepped in and gave the money to charity — they couldn’t let a bad guy win.

As nefarious as Garrett was, he had an ally in Casey. They were an inseparable duo in the house, expressing their schemes and apprehensions about their respective love interests to one another. They even went as far as making plans to move in together once the show was finished. However, since Garrett didn’t ultimately end up getting the $100,000, he couldn’t sponsor Casey’s move as the two had originally planned, and thus, their friendship never quite transformed into roommate status. That didn’t stop the two from posting heaps of Instagram photos together, one of which includes a heartfelt message from Garrett in which he states that Casey has “a huge heart.”

“You even taught me some things about myself that I was never aware of. You hold me accountable to be a better human and for that I will always have your back,” he wrote.

Julie Corsetti/HBO Max

Casey’s Redemption Arc

Garrett ultimately served as Casey’s most successful relationship on the show. Midway through the season, every male contestant revealed whether they arrived as a Nice Guy or an FBoy. When it came time for Casey’s admission, CJ was dismayed to discover he was an FBoy. To make matters worse, CJ had already started to connect with certified Nice Guy Jarred, causing her relationship with Casey to sour. Casey and CJ’s relationship imploded when Casey argued with CJ during an elimination ceremony after the two butted heads about having an equal partnership. Casey questioned CJ’s integrity and character, which led to his elimination.

By Episode 4, Casey was cut and sent to “Limbro,” a secluded cove where other eliminated FBoys stay to work on their behavior. Casey’s stay in purgatory was briefer than his other cast mates, however, because he “broke out” in Episode 7. With absolutely no help from the production team, Casey made his way back to the main villa and reunited with CJ, promising to be reformed.

That left Casey with just 3 episodes to reignite his relationship with CJ, who was still developing a relationship with Jarred. To his credit, Casey did follow through on his promise to try and take things slow, opting to sleep on a cot when given the opportunity to spend an overnight with CJ. But in Episode 10, CJ still picked Jarred. “You stepped up and you did it ... [but] the reason that I chose Jarred tonight is because he stepped up and did it in a shorter amount of time,” she explained to Casey at the ceremony. “I lost some time with you and you made up for that, but I don’t think that we’re there yet.” Thus, CJ relegated Casey to runner-up status, and his nearly revitalized relationship with CJ ended in disappointment.

What’s Casey He Been Doing Since FBoy Island Season 1?

Following the season finale, Casey reaffirmed that he was a reformed FBoy in an interview with the YouTube channel The Rumor Mill. “I’m always going to have some FBoy tendencies,” he said, adding that he’s “willing to change for someone.” His advice to any jerks who want to become better people? “When you meet a girl, you’ll know who to change for,” he said. And as a nod towards Season 2, he did mention that were he to appear, he’d do so as a Nice Guy.

After Season 1 aired, Casey said he actually felt famous for a little bit and got recognized in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. As for what he’s been up to, his Instagram bio indicates he’s been doing some business with Nova Men, the men’s offshoot of Fashion Nova. He’s also available on Cameo for as low as $38.

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