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Where Is Jill Now After Bachelor In Paradise?

Plus, who she’s been in touch with since leaving the beach.

Following Jill and Jacob's 'Bachelor in Paradise' breakup on Oct. 25, Jill left the beach — but what...
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From a chaotic love triangle to a naked date, Jill Chin’s Bachelor in Paradise journey had it all. Sadly, it came to an end during the show’s Oct. 25 episode — when Jacob Rapini told Jill he developed feelings for Kate Gallivan while the original women were away for a week. “It just sucks that like ... I literally [slept] the days away because all I wanted was that comfort and safety, and that’s what you were to me,” Jill tearfully tells Jacob during their breakup. “But I’m glad that I have clarity now and that I can find that elsewhere.”

Jacob and Kate weren’t together by this point (she’d opted to pursue things with Logan Palmer instead), but Jacob said his feelings for her were “enough of a signal” that he should end things with Jill anyway. There was no rose ceremony this week, but Jill didn’t stick around to find out how she’d fare, telling her friends she didn’t “want to start over again” before leaving the beach.

The self-elimination marks one of Season 8’s most emotional moments yet — but what is Jill doing after Paradise, now that several months have passed since filming?

For starters, she’s using her signature sense of humor to provide commentary on her Paradise journey as it airs.

She’s also been spending time with her fellow Bachelor Nation alums, including Hunter Haag. Jill recently told Bustle that she hasn’t been in touch with Romeo Alexander or Kira Mengistu, though she wishes them well.

Jacob, for his part, tells Bustle that he and Jill “call each other a lot,” and even laugh about awkward moments on the show as they air. “Even through the breakup [episodes], I’m like, ‘Here we go!’ And she’s just joking around like, ‘Oh, you’re done,’” he says. “So we have a really good relationship still.”

Since leaving Paradise, Jill seems to have found solace in a different beach — the New England coast, specifically, not far from where she works as an architectural historian in Rhode Island, per her Instagram bio.

After having some time to reflect on Paradise, Jill said on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast that the show was “1000%” harder than her run on Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season. “It’s because it’s your love story,” she explained during the Oct. 6 episode. “And so, it’s not about the Bachelor, it’s all about your love story, and you having to navigate these ... friendships and also like, romantic relationships, as well. And so, I wasn’t used to having the focus on my journey.”

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