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Who Went Home On The Bachelorette Night 1? A Recap Of Jenn’s Premiere

Plus, a peek ahead at the rest of Season 21.

Bustle recaps Jenn's Bachelorette premiere.
Disney/John Fleenor

Months after she was cast as The Bachelorette’s first-ever Asian American lead, Jenn Tran’s journey for love finally began on July 8 — and the show wasted no time teasing the drama to come. “I can’t let you propose to me,” the Season 21 lead says in an ominous flash-forward clip at the start of the episode, before setting down a lone final rose.

In another clip, she marches down a hotel hallway and knocks on someone’s door before letting herself in. And as anyone who watched Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor season knows, these 11th-hour conversations are sure to bring a twist or two.

But before fans could speculate too much, the show returned to the beginning of Jenn’s journey. The 26-year-old physician assistant student spent some time with her family before heading off to Bachelor Mansion (or, rather, Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, California). Here’s a recap of Jenn’s Night 1 — from memorable first impressions to the seven men who went home on the Bachelorette premiere.

Meet The Men

Jenn’s limo arrivals ran the gamut from the utterly romantic — like the French-speaking Marvin Goodly, who Jenn found “tall-tall and hot-hot” — to the playful and gimmicky, like Jonathon Johnson’s literally “cheeky” entrance in an open-back hospital gown.

Jonathon in The Bachelorette Season 21Disney/Ricky Middlesworth

The hijinks continued inside, where a lively game of Truth or Dare saw Austin Ott streak through the house.

Jenn’s First Impression Rose Goes To...

Though Jenn had several promising conversations throughout the evening, the first rose ultimately went to Sam McKinney — who Jenn said she couldn’t stop thinking about all night.

“I don’t always pick the right men, but there is something in my gut that’s just telling me that there’s something here,” she continued. “And I’m really excited about it.”

So, Who Left The Bachelorette?

While securing the first rose of the season ensured Sam would stick around, his fellow suitors didn’t have any such guarantee — and ultimately, seven were sent home.

Brendan Barnum, Brett Harris, Dakota Nobles, Kevin McDevitt, Matt Arnold, Moze Smith, and Ricky Marinez all left The Bachelorette after Night 1. And there might have been some foreshadowing about one of the eliminations.

Moze in The Bachelorette Season 21Disney/Ricky Middlesworth

During Truth or Dare, Moze admitted that he’s ghosted people “all the time,” and Jenn seemed disappointed in the response. “I don’t love that one,” she said. (Of course, that isn’t necessarily why Moze went home — Jenn could have simply had better connections with other suitors.)

Looking Ahead

After Jenn announced that her Bachelorette season would be heading straight to Australia, a promo for the rest of her journey teased plenty of twists ahead — including Jenn questioning an “I love you” from Sam M., a claim that “Devin [Strader] has twisted Jenn into his little web of lies,” and Jesse Palmer telling Jenn that she’s about to do something no Bachelorette has ever done before. So it sounds like another unprecedented season is afoot, indeed.