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Aaron Returned To The Bachelorette After Charity Told Him *This*

Promos tease he’ll be in the Fiji-set finale, too.

Aaron Bryant returned to 'The Bachelorette' in Fiji after Charity Lawson sent him home

Spoilers ahead for Charity’s season of The Bachelorette. Immediately after The Bachelorette’s Charity Lawson broke up with Aaron Bryant, she worried she’d made a mistake. After all, she’d just dubbed their Hometown Date in Houston “perfect” and revealed she was falling in love with the 30-year-old real estate agent. A heartbroken Aaron also couldn’t make sense of why she sent him home either, and so he hopped an approximately 11-hour flight from San Diego to Fiji — where Charity was in the midst of Fantasy Suite Dates with finalists Dotun Olubeko, Joey Graziadei, and Xavier Bonner — for some clarity.

“After sending me home last week, the fact that she said she didn’t know if it was the right decision really kind of threw me off,” Aaron explained to producers, admitting he was taking a major risk. “I’m here to do everything I can, lay everything out there, just making sure nothing’s left unsaid... I hope today Charity just accepts me back and also gives me a chance to just show her the man I truly am.”

Taking Charity by total surprise when he approached her by the pool, Aaron opened up more about the emotional toll their breakup had taken on him. “Even driving back to San Diego, I knew that there was more I could have given,” he said. “And then when you said also you wasn’t sure if you were making the right decision, that’s really what got me stuck and in shock. So that’s really why I’m here: to talk about that and also see where your head’s at. I want to know if you’ve been thinking about it as well.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

It turns out Charity had also been thinking about him “every single day” since they split — and was still questioning her decision to send Aaron home. ABC’s Bachelorette finale promos make clear that Aaron is going to be sticking around Fiji a bit longer. “There’s like a small panic in my head,” he says in a clip. “I really see her as the mother of my children, my future wife.” However, spoilers reveal that Aaron doesn’t leave the island engaged to Charity. According to Reality Steve, Charity and Aaron have a “date,” but no overnight, and she does not take him back. What’s more, the Bachelor Nation blogger previously reported that Aaron is a cast member on the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise season.

Though it could be a tactic to keep the BiP announcement under wraps, Aaron revealed in the caption of an Aug. 1 Instagram post that he’s currently single. “For what’s worth my time and love..I don’t give up that easily,” he captioned a carousel of The Bachelorette Season 20 photos, in part. “My person is still out there and I’m willing to uncover every rock to find her.”

In the same post-elimination caption, Aaron further reflected on his journey to find love with Charity, and he doesn’t seem to have regrets. “Charity allowed me to continue putting myself out there for love,” he wrote. “I can say that this weird ass process works, and as crazy and cringe as this was watching back with everyone, feedback and praises, that being yourself is truly the greatest advice in life and in love.”