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Why Becca Decided To Leave Bachelor In Paradise “Forever”

Her cast mates were “extremely confused.”

Becca Serrano’s Bachelor Nation debut was brief: Zach Shallcross eliminated her on night one. Her next chance to find love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 lasted a bit longer — but not much. The difference? This time, Becca decided to leave BiP on her own.

The reason for her abrupt exit wasn’t entirely clear, however. Upon arriving in Episode 6, Becca immediately hit it off with Brayden Bowers and asked him on a date. The feeling was mutual, leading Brayden to break off his budding romance with former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia.

“Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better first date, for literally just coming in,” she told host Jesse Palmer early in the Nov. 9 episode. “So I’m pretty happy about that.” Later, Brayden also made clear, “Becca’s 100% getting my rose tonight, so I’m excited.”

What Went Wrong

Brayden never got that opportunity. At the start of the rose ceremony, Jesse noted, “The drama certainly continues tonight,” immediately before looking around at the cast and asking, “Is Becca missing?”

Her BiP co-stars were equally as confused as he was, explaining that she seemed fine all day, and they had no clue why she didn’t show up to the rose ceremony.

So, Jesse investigated and got to the bottom of the mystery. After he located Becca, she explained her absence, telling him, “I feel like there was lots of doubt about my relationship with Brayden, and I’m kind of listening to that. I want to see if what we have is real, but I just am afraid that, what if it’s not?”

The Bachelor Nation host gave Becca the option to join the rose ceremony or leave Paradise. Without answering, she followed him, but made her choice clear when she took an abrupt left and ascended the stairs away from the beach.

A Confusing Departure

Becca never elaborated on her doubts, though. Returning to the rose ceremony, Jesse told the cast, “I found Becca, I was able to talk to her, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to take part in the rose ceremony. And, unfortunately, she decided to leave Paradise forever.”

As Olivia Lewis observed, “Brayden’s equally as confused as us. ... All of us are extremely confused.” Indeed, Brayden realized his best chance at finding a partner on BiP had just left Mexico without saying goodbye. Accepting his fate, he awarded his rose to Olivia, despite not having a romantic connection, hoping she would have better luck.

Becca’s yet to share any further explanation, so it isn’t clear whether Brayden — or any of her other cast mates, for that matter — ever got clarity on her abrupt exit. Becca and Brayden don’t currently follow each other on Instagram, likely ruling out the possibility of an off-camera reconciliation.

Becca’s “Soft Girl Era”

Since BiP wrapped filming in late June, Becca’s Instagram has offered little insight into her life now, aside from the fact that she’s been busy traveling. Kicking off with a trip to Hawaii in early July, the Los Angeles-based reality star has shared several more travel photos from Miami, Jamaica, and New York City. “Vacationing with people you love is pure joy,” Becca captioned a July 20 Instagram post.

Otherwise, Becca has been living in what she describes as her “soft girl era,” joking in late August that her two moods are “either serious or uncontrollable laughter.” An update on whether or not she’s still single, though, remains forthcoming.