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One Of Matt's Frontrunners Just Abruptly Left The Bachelor

The show became too much for her.

Sarah Trott decided to leave 'The Bachelor' after she was unable to handle the drama in the house an...
ABC/Craig Sjodin

After almost fainting at a rose ceremony, crashing a group date, and having the other women turn on her, Sarah Trott decided to leave The Bachelor at the end of the Jan. 18 episode. Despite forming a strong connection with Matt on their one-on-one date, she felt "overwhelmed" about the entire situation. And once the other women accused her of being "calculating" and manipulating Matt, she decided it was best for her to go back home to take care of her ailing father.

Ironically, it was Katie — whose time with Matt was interrupted by Sarah during the group date — who helped her realize that it was ultimately best for her to leave. "I really believe in the feelings I have for him, but I’m not cut out for this. I can’t give this my all," Sarah told her before opening up about the fact that her father's battle with ALS was also heavy on her mind. "My dad, he has a terminal illness. And it’s not years or months [that he has left], it’s maybe weeks. So that’s really weighing on my heart too, that time away from him ... It’s so hard being here, knowing we don’t know how much time we have left with him."

However, as Sarah admitted to both the cameras and to Matt, it wasn't just her father that pushed her to walk away. The tension between her and the other women also became too much to handle. "It’s so hard to explain what the past two days have been like," she tearfully told the Bachelor. "Our connection is amazing, but I’m just doubting everything and if I’m ready for this and if I can truly do this. ... I just feel so alone here and I feel so attacked by the women in the house and I feel so unwelcome."

She continued, "I went downstairs to apologize for being in my room all day and was completely attacked. Some of the women in there are just cruel and malicious and it’s really hard for me."

Though Matt was understanding, he did his best to try and convince her to stay — even revealing that he felt a connection to her from the moment she stepped out of the limo. But ultimately, Sarah felt it was best to for her to be with her family. "My dad is everything to me," she explained to the camera through tears. "I think he wants me to be happy and find love. So, it’s not just because of my dad’s condition, it’s the tension in the house. I believe in the feelings [I have] with Matt. We have a great connection, but Matt deserves the best and I don’t feel my best. I want him to have everything and more than what he came here for, but I don’t think it can be with me."