The Top Mistakes Sagittarians Make In Relationships (& How To Avoid Them)

True romance is more than just thrill-seeking.

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Astrologers say Sagittarius zodiac signs make these 10 mistakes in relationships, and share advice o...
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If you’ve ever had a relationship with a fire sign, then you know how passionate, bold, and adventurous they can be. That’s part of what makes dating a Sagittarius zodiac sign such a fun and high-energy experience. While there’s so more to relationships than zodiac signs alone, looking to the astrology of love can help us all get on a more cosmic wavelength when it comes to relationships. So if you were born under the sign of the zodiac’s archer, knowing the most common mistakes Sagittarians make in relationships and how to avoid them can make your romantic life flow a lot easier.

If you’re dating a Sagittarius, there’s lots to be excited about: Sagittarius is a fire sign who loves to have fun and embrace spontaneity, so they bring a free-spirited joie de vivre to their relationships. Even the most casual night out with a thrill-seeking Sagittarius can turn into a party, so be ready for anything. As the sign that rules traveling and higher learning, you can look forward to lots of adventures, horizon-expanding experiences, and philosophical conversations with a Sagittarius by your side.

As an astrologer, I know that every zodiac sign has a unique way of handling things in their love lives — so let’s talk about some dating advice for Sagittarius that can help them avoid the following common mistakes they’re prone to making in relationships.

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1. Getting Bored & Giving Up

As one of the fire signs of the zodiac, Sagittarians follow their passions and are always in the pursuit of fun — which means they have a tendency to get bored if they’re forced to stay in the same place or do the same thing for too long. But relationships require patience, so learning to work through uncomfortable situations instead of moving onto the next thing at the first sign of struggle is imperative for any Sag who wants to make love last.

2. Fearing Commitment

Sagittarians are fiercely independent people who love to try new things, so sometimes the idea of tying themselves down and adhering to the rules of a relationship can be daunting. However, with honesty, openness, and a willingness to compromise, even the most free-spirited Sagittarius can have a successful and respectful partnership with someone else.

3. Being A Know-It-All

Always seeking new experiences, Sagittarians are quite worldly and knowledgable. But this gift can pose a problem if they dominate conversations with everything they know and miss the opportunity to receive what others are bringing to the table. Instead of trying to intellectually out-do your beloved or insisting they adopt your point of view, stay open-minded to the fact that they might have something to teach you as well.

4. Refusing To Acknowledge Problems

Known for their trademark optimism and happy-go-lucky attitudes, Sagittarians can find the sunny side to just about everything. This is part of what makes them so enjoyable to be around — but in relationships, these rose-colored glasses can lead Sagittarius to avoid facing obvious problems. If you’re a Sag, remember that dealing with disagreements and addressing issues is a necessary part of communication in relationships.

5. Letting Spontaneity Get In The Way Of Plans

Sagittarians excel when it comes to being spontaneous — and that quality brings loads of joy and excitement to their relationships. But part of being with someone means making plans together, which Sagittarius can sometimes struggle with. If you commit to plans in advance, make sure you’re not switching things up at the last minute just because another opportunity came along.

6. Judging Their Partners

Most Sagittarians hold a little bit of a double-standard: They can be really judgmental of others but are super sensitive when they’re criticized about anything. If you’re a Sagittarius, be conscious about coming off as preachy or judgmental toward your partner — and practice taking their constructive criticism gracefully.

7. Being Overly Blunt

Honesty is a foundational part of a healthy relationship, and Sagittarians excel when it comes to telling the truth. However, they can sometimes be too blunt when speaking their mind — which can come off as insensitive and hurt the feelings of the people close to them. Remember, Sag: A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, so be sure to butter up your truth with a side of sensitivity.

8. Making Too Many Promises

It’s good to look on the bright side, but when Sagittarians RSVP to too many invites and end up making promises they can’t keep, it can make them seem uncaring and aloof — which damages their partnerships. Take extra care to think through what’s realistic before committing to something with your partner so you don’t end up flaking later on.

9. Too Much Sex, Drugs, & Rock N’ Roll

As the zodiac sign ruled by abundant planet Jupiter, Sagittarians love to party and have fun — even if it means staying out late, being loud, and causing a scene. Being wild and free-spirited is great, but it can cause issues in relationships if it turns into recklessness and rowdiness. Make sure your good time doesn’t come at the expense of your significant other.

10. Not Expressing Their Need For Freedom

Sagittarians are mutable zodiac signs who thrive on freedom and deeply value their independence — so in order to have a healthy relationship, they need a partner who gives them lots of room to do their own thing. Because they feel easily stifled, Sagittarians must clearly express their need for freedom to prospective partners and continually discuss ways to maintain the trust and openness that’s necessary for their space.

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