7 Things Fire Signs Do Better In Relationships Than Anyone Else

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If you want a partner who's bold, passionate, and knows exactly what they want in a relationship, try dating a Fire sign. As astrologer Amy Tripp tells Bustle, Fire signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — have tremendous energy, spirit, and enthusiasm. "They make the world come to life for them and those around them," she says. According to her and other astrologers, Fire signs have a few unique traits that make being in a relationship with them unlike anything else.

In general, Fire signs are self-motived, go-getters, who have a lot of faith in themselves. "Individualism and independence are important to them," Tripp says. "They usually need a great deal of freedom to express themselves and be their own person."

Their fiery nature also makes them act in "spontaneous and inspired ways" and their actions may be motived by instinct. That's why Tripp says they're known for being the more courageous signs among the entire zodiac. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are more likely to jump in and take risks than any of the other signs.

When it comes to relationships, Tripp says they usually don't have bad intentions going in. Compatibility issues aside, if one's Fire element is operating at a high level, they have a tendency to be hasty, impulsive, and self-centered. That can obviously cause problems in relationships. They might also come across as insensitive or too reckless for some, Tripp says. On the other hand, when their Fire element is operating at a low level, they can lack self-confidence and optimism. "Physical exercise can help one compsensate, as will spending time in the sun," she says.

Regardless, they still make really great partners. So here's what Fire signs do best in relationships, according to astrologers.


They're Bold And Will Take The Initiative To Ask You Out

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Fire signs are not ones to shy away from someone they like. According to Tripp, they're likely to make the first move because they like to act quickly. Keep in mind, they're not into game playing. So "old school" dating rules like waiting a few hours to text someone back to seem a little "cool" isn't something they'll respond well to. They're known for being direct, honest, and you won't have to guess what they're thinking. So when a Fire sign is into you, trust that they really like you. "Fire signs like to act fast but try to keep things at a simmer to avoid burning out," Tripp says.


They Don't Hold Onto Grudges

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"Just like a fire can be quickly extinguished, Fire signs tend to get over things quickly," Tripp says. In other words, they don't hold grudges. Once something's been talked about and worked out, it's fairly unlikely that they'll bring it up again. Their ability to move past hardships in relationships and life make them really great in relationships.


If You Don't Know What You Want, They'll Help You Figure It Out In The Best Possible Way

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You can't talk about a Fire sign's good traits without talking about their passionate nature in bed. "Because they can tap into their desire they will be able to guide their partner on what brings them pleasure," Therese Tucker, psychic medium and intuition development teacher, tells Bustle. Again, there's no guessing with them. They know what they want and will tell you. Better yet, they'll show you. Besides that, Tucker also says they can be great teachers for their partners in this area as well. "They have the ability to naturally help their partner identify their own desires, which can extend past the bedroom and into the realm of their heart," she says.


They Don't Waste Any Time

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Unlike Earth signs who tend to move their relationships at an extremely slow pace (but will love you forever once they do!), Fire signs aren't like that. As Tucker says, moving forward to new stages in the relationship come easily for them. "All three signs have a taste for adventure, which can override menial doubts," she says. "This can be a great bonus if they are in a partnership with a more timid sign."


They Make Deep Heart-To-Heart Connections

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You might not think signs that like to move quickly take the time to make deep connections, but that's not entirely true for Fire signs. Having a deep "heart-to-heart connection" is easily possible with them, Tucker says, however each individual sign will approach this differently. For instance, if you're with an Aries, making a deep connection with them can be accessed when you're doing something new together like moving in or taking that next major step in your relationship. If you're with a Leo, you can make a deep connection with them by recognizing each other's strengths and doing some kind of gratitude practice together. For Sagittarius, a deep connection is easily achieved when time is spent "expanding the mind," through learning new things and exploring the world together.


They'll Push You To See Life In A Different Way

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As astrologer and life coach, Stephanie Gailing, MS, tells Bustle, each Fire sign brings that certain special something into your relationship so it's always interesting. "Aries will introduce you to new thing and their passion and excitement for life will inspire you," she says. If you're an over-thinker, they'll easily help you get out of your head and into reality by "firing up" your desire to get out and do something rather than think it over. Leos "lead with their heart," and are very generous, infusing the relationship with play and fun. "They will also help draw out your creative side," Gailing says. Finally, Sagittarius are adventurous. "They will help you to see the bigger picture, whether of a situation in the world or in your partnership itself," she says. "They will inspire you to live a larger life and experience larger horizons, whether in your thoughts or actually venturing out to see the world and learn from different cultures." In short, you'll never get bored.


They're Naturally Empathic

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When you think of signs that are in tune with their emotions, Water signs like Cancer and Pisces would probably be the first ones you think of. But according to Tucker, Fire signs are natural empaths. "When a Fire sign is living in their higher aspect, they're naturally empathic," she says. That's because they're led by their hearts. "In a relationship this can be beneficial as the Fire sign will naturally be tuning in to the emotional energy of their partner," Tucker says. So you can have both a fiery passionate relationship and deep, emotional conversations with the Fire sign you're with.

The truth is all signs have aspects that make them really great partners. Air signs, for instance, are known for being great communicators. Water signs are known for being in tune with their emotions and Earth signs are known for their stability and loyalty. When you're dating a Fire sign, you know you'll have a partner who's spontaneous, passionate, knows how to overcome challenges, and has a great enthusiasm for life. If that's what you want, a Fire sign could be your best match.