3 Things To Do During August's New Moon — And 3 Things To Avoid

The vibes of this luminary are bursting with potential.

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The summery energy of Leo season isn't just about having fun in the sun — it's also about taking charge and learning to be a confident leader in your own life. Thanks to the August 2020 new moon in the fiery sign of Leo, which is coming up on August 18, we'll all have a bright and exciting cosmic opportunity to buckle down, believe in ourselves, and make some power moves when it comes to building the life we want. You'll want to make sure you're taking advantage of it by keeping some basic do's and don'ts of the August 2020 new moon in mind.

Overall, the Leo new moon is bursting with creative inspiration and is lined with drama — but this time, it's the good kind of drama, as there are no negative planetary aspects messing with the energy of this lunation. We'll feel more playful when it comes to expressing ourselves and more open to the things that bring us joy and pleasure.

Because we'll have three of the most influential personal planets clustered together in Leo territory during this lunation (those being the Sun, Moon, and Mercury), every zodiac sign should channel their inner lion and be a little more courageous, proud, and regal. We're also getting a huge energy boost thanks to a positive trine aspect between the new moon and fiery Mars, which will bring us the motivation we need to plant seeds for an exciting future in a serious way.

The vibes of this luminary are auspicious and bursting with potential, so here's everything you should and shouldn't do during the August 2020 new moon to ensure you make the most of it.

DO: Be Your Own Biggest Fan

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Leo energy is all about confidence, so it makes sense that this season's new moon is a good time to embrace your inner superstar. "Affirm yourself," astrologer Shawnte Cato tells Bustle. "Leo energy is nothing if not about having confidence in your abilities." Do whatever it takes to help you feel more secure in your own skin — try saying positive affirmations in the mirror aloud, writing down a list of your achievements, or simply spending some extra time getting glammed up and taking some hot selfies.

DON'T: Let Your Ego Go Unchecked

Confidence is one thing — but an over-inflated ego that tries to show off in order to break others down? Well, that's quite another thing, and it's not a good look for anyone under this new moon. "Think twice before strutting your power in an egotistical way," Cato says. Leo is ruled by the all-powerful Sun, which always has enough light to go around. Don't be scared to share the spotlight. The more humbly you give, the more glamorously you'll receive.

DO: Promise To Pursue Your Passions

What makes you feel excited, playful, and full of joy? Write those things down — and start planning exactly how you're going to bring more of those things into your life. The time to make power moves is now! Almost all new moons are ideal for fresh starts, but this one in particular is asking us to embrace the things we're most passionate about — and the new moon's connection to goal-crushing Mars is here to support us. That said, don't get sucked into doing just what's practical or easy.

DON'T: Lower Your Standards To Get Attention

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Yes, it feels good to receive affirmation and praise from other people for your actions and accomplishments — but you shouldn't rely solely on that kind of validation to know that you're doing a good job. Lowering your standards just to get attention might make you feel better in the moment, but any self-worth based on external validation isn't built to last. "There’s no need to prove your worth to yourself by indulging people or things that don’t serve you," Cato says.

DO: Embrace Creative Energy

This is one of the most inspirational lunations of the year, so whether or not you think of yourself as a traditionally creative person, it's time to get in touch with the creative spark inside of you and bring that energy into your new moon intentions. "Leo energy values the art of creation," Cato says. "Try painting, putting together some great looks and taking photos, or giving yourself an orgasm! It’ll open you up to being more creative." Embrace anything that helps you express the passionate energy inside of you — whether that's through art, music, sex, or anything else.

DON'T: Burn The Candle At Both Ends

With the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all joining forces in the fiery realm of Leo during this luminary, we're going to feel the fire sign enthusiasm intensely — but it's important that we don't take this playful attitude overboard and burn ourselves out. "There's still a pandemic outside, so even though you have extra energy to burn you shouldn’t overexert yourself," Cato says. Temper your hopeful, energized excitement with lots of self-care and pampering to ensure you're not leaving your needs behind.