Capricorns Will Thrive In This Career Path

Do you prefer to be called CEO or HBIC?

Business, teaching, and politics are some of the best careers for Capricorn zodiac signs.
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Astrology has a way of highlighting our strengths and unique qualities, which is super useful when you’re deciding which career path will be the best fit for you. Capricorn zodiac signs literally rule all things related to our public life, like work and reputation, so it’s likely the sea-goat takes their professional lives seriously. With their scrupulous work ethic, no matter what vocation the enterprising earth sign pursues, they’ll do what it takes to succeed. That’s why the best career for Capricorn zodiac signs is a business mogul, where they can fully embody their innate HBIC energy.

Capricorns crave authority and power, so it makes sense that they’d flourish in a role where they can have oversight, lead projects, and guide their team and clients to success. “Capricorns make great CEOs and founders of startups due to their ability to envision long-term goals, and put in the grit it takes to bring them to fruition,” Imani Quinn, astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS. “They’re natural-born leaders. Due to their ability to uphold and respect structure, they will hold strong to their beliefs and instill it within the ethos of a company for others to follow.” It’s also important for Capricorns to bestow knowledge on others, making them fit for roles as teachers, coaches, and mentors.

But you don’t need to be a Capricorn sun to have CEO tendencies. If your 10th house, which represents your reputation and career, is stationed in Capricorn, you might relate to being driven by recognition and success, too. That’s also the case if you have the sea goat stationed in your Mars sign because it reflects your passion and determination. Those with Mars in Capricorn tend to be ultra-determined and prioritize their professional endeavors.

Capricorn Career Compatibility, Explained

Capricorns are known for their diligence and tough love exterior thanks to their planetary ruler, Saturn. The strict planet is associated with karma, discipline, and restriction, making Capricorns signs well-suited for all sorts authority positions. It takes tons of toughness, determination, and patience to make it in the business industry, and Capricorns are more than ready to step up to a good challenge. They thrive when they’re in power.

“Capricorns can also make great judges or lawyers due to their strong discernment of right and wrong as well as discipline,” explains Quinn. “They naturally uphold this level of discipline within our material world and traditional structure and they won’t shy from making such decisions.”

Ruling the 10th house of public image, the practical sea goats are transfixed on their career and social status, so it’s important for Capricorns to be revered as successful to feel fulfilled. If you’re getting major CEO vibes, it’s probably because Capricorns have the self-discipline and fortitude needed for strategizing and other executive tasks. Plus, they’re cardinal signs, so they have no issue taking initiative and taking on long-term projects. It also helps that they’re analytical earth signs, so they can keep a level head when it comes to decision-making.

Although they’d thrive in business, seeing that they’re all about rules and authority, what beckons more responsibility and power than a career in politics? “[Capricorns] could also make great politicians for the [aforementioned] reasons, as well as being rulers of the 10th house,” says Quinn.

Regardless if they’re climbing the corporate ranks or guiding clients to achievement, one thing’s for sure: Capricorns are the boss. They’re in it for the satisfaction of a job well done, as well as recognition and accolades. Nothing can stand in the way of a Capricorn’s success.