The Best Career For Scorpio Zodiac Signs

They’re great listeners.

Scorpio zodiac signs make great psychologists.

Using astrology to find an individual’s strengths is a powerful way to discern what professional path fits a zodiac sign best. When it comes to the elusive Scorpio, it’s important that their jobs align with their dark and mysterious vibe. Their ability to keep secrets and get others to open up about taboo topics like sex, obsessions, and death gives them the edge to work in fields related to psychology or forensics. Given their eye for mystery and connection to the intimate corners of life, the best career for Scorpio zodiac signs is somewhere in the realm of a private investigator or a sex therapist.

Scorpios are emotionally in tune and can keep a secret, which speaks to why they’d make for great psychologists. Since they are water signs, they understand the nuances of emotions, so they’d flourish in a profession that involves unveiling the hidden parts of others in order to get to the root of an issue. That’s the case especially because they are fixed signs that need stability — so they can provide a sense of security and emotional clarity for their clients. If you’re getting major Jessica Jones vibes from this enigmatic sign, it’s because they have the powerful persistence, tactfulness, and curious eye needed for a role in the investigative realm — whether that’s as a private eye or a forensic analyst.

“Scorpio represents the cool, deep waters where the mermaid swims to the darkest depths of the ocean,” Stephanie Whaley, astrologer and creator of the astrology dating app, Oromoon, tells Bustle. “They act upon their curiosity to lift the bedrock in hopes to discover the wonders that exist beneath.”

Between their value for privacy and human connection, these intense signs have a lot to offer in several professional pursuits. Here are the best careers for Scorpio zodiac signs that are most in line with the sign’s skills and strengths.

Scorpio Career Compatibility, Explained

Scorpios aren’t afraid to use their lethal pincer in order to protect the soft, sensitive heart that lies underneath. That’s why it’s important that these defensive signs are in a profession that’s private and allows them to foster deep one-on-one relationships with others, like in the psychology field. “Scorpios understand the depths of the human heart and what it’s capable of when not fully healed,” explains Whaley.

Scorpio is associated with the eighth house, which governs things we tend to keep hush-hush like sex, rebirth, and spiritual transformation. A Scorpio’s openness to topics others may believe to be private allows them to guide couples struggling with intimacy. For that, they’d work well as a sex therapist. Since they’re water signs, they’re also naturally attuned to emotions, making them also equipped for work as a grief counselor, a job that requires the ability to coach others through personal loss and bereavement.

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, in modern astrology. In traditional astrology, the water signs are ruled by Mars, aka the planet of aggression and passion. These blended energies give Scorpio a yearning for depth, intimacy, and spiritual awareness, so they’d make great guides for those who seek to make radical change through therapy. “These mysterious souls have the powerful ability to become immersed in the emotional embodiment of body, mind, and soul,” Whaley explains.

But unveiling personal truths isn’t the only strength of Scorpio. They tend to use their elusiveness to unravel mysteries and uncover the truth about others around them, too. “Scorpios have passionate obsessions rooted in profound discoveries,” explains Whaley. “These discoveries serve as their competitive advantage, which is why they make for great detectives, private investigators, couple therapists, and forensic analysts.”

As a fixed sign, they have the persistence to commit to finding out the truth about a person or situation. Water signs are often observant, which helps them identify and analyze things that typically get missed. “Their instinctive knack for solving mysteries and getting deeper to the truth garners them incredible at tracking down missing people.”

Between their watchful eye and thirst for deep truth, it makes sense why Scorpio would thrive in careers that involve guiding others in their personal transformations as well as uncovering hidden secrets. Not only do they have the edge needed to carry out sharp and intuitive detective work, but they have the intuition to make sincere emotional connections with clients — making them excellent investigators, but above all else, trusted confidants.