Penelope & Colin Have Freakishly Accurate Astrological Compatibility

They're destined to go from friends to seriously hot lovers.


Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 3 ahead.

The first half of of Bridgerton’s Season 3 dropped on May 16 after more than two years of anticipation from fans of the show — and if you’ve been invested in the friends-to-lovers journey between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, then trust that these four episodes do not disappoint. After years of chemistry building between the two characters, their romantic relationship finally comes to a climax in Season 3, and sparks are flying (finally!). There’s even a long-awaited racy scene to prove it.

The second half of Season 3 drops on June 13, so this love story is still unfolding. If you’re feeling impatient, you can get an idea of what’s to come by checking out Penelope and Colin’s Bridgerton book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn, on which the series is based. But as an astrologer, I’m getting my fix by digging deeper into the romantic connection between these two characters by examining their synastry, or the compatibility between their combined birth charts.

Bridgerton author Julia Quinn has officially assigned birthdays and birthplaces to some of her characters, and lucky for #Polin fans, Colin and Penelope happen to be two of them. Some of the birth years may vary slightly between the book and the show, but I’m going with Quinn’s version for the sake of accuracy. She has not shared exact birth times, which makes it impossible to calculate these characters’ rising signs or determine which houses in their charts the celestial bodies fall into. Thankfully, most of their important planetary placements are still accessible without that information.

The Astrological Basics

According to Quinn, Colin’s birthday is March 2, 1791, making him a Pisces. He’s also got love planet Venus and sex planet Mars in Pisces alongside his sun, which emphasizes that sign’s qualities of sensitivity, dreaminess, and mutability.

Meanwhile, Penelope’s birthday is April 8, 1796, making her a bold and headstrong Aries. Aries and Pisces aren’t a particularly compatible match, so their sun signs don’t necessarily jive. But Penelope’s got mental planet Mercury in Pisces in her chart, which softens the hard edges of a typical Aries’ feisty communication style and makes it much easier for her to relate to Colin’s slew of significant Pisces placements.

In fact, Penelope’s Mercury in Pisces happens to be in a strong conjunction aspect with Colin’s Venus — aka the planet of love and romance. This makes her communication style and intellect especially attractive and relatable to Colin, so it’s no wonder he fell for her based on her wit, smarts, and cleverness. The way Penelope thinks and expresses herself is very much compatible with who Colin is at his core, bringing them a natural compatibility that balances out their incongruous sun signs.

A Cosmic Friends-To-Lovers Journey

#Polin’s romantic arc in Bridgerton unfolds in a classic friends-to-lovers fashion, and the vibe of that dynamic is totally reflected in their astrology. While Colin is a feelings-heavy Pisces, he actually has the moody moon and communicative Mercury in the aloof and objective sign of Aquarius, which is known for being fairly detached from any strong emotions. This explains why he didn’t pick up on Penelope’s feelings for him right away, and why his romantic attraction to her was slower to emerge.

Conversely, Penelope’s feelings for Colin developed pretty quickly, and there’s an astrological explanation for that, too. Her Mars is in a strong square aspect with his Venus. Mars is the planet of action and passion, while Venus is the planet of beauty and attraction. So as the Mars person in this cosmic connection, it makes sense that Penelope is the one who initially feels a stronger attraction to Colin than he does to her. Mars energy knows what it wants, and when someone has this planet in such a charged aspect with seductive Venus, it can make the Venus person especially alluring.

While the Mars-Venus square between Penelope and Colin may have manifested as a slow-burning passion, this aspect has the potential to be extremely hot, too. Once you work around the sharp corners of a square, this connection promises some major sparks in the bedroom — so if you’ve seen the carriage scene already, know there’s likely more where that came from.

Some Mystical Trines Bring An Otherworldly Connection

The journey toward love between Penelope and Colin hasn’t been easy, but once they tap into the magic that’s been building up between them, they’ll realize that they have something truly special. This is reflected in a couple very lucky planetary connections — the first being a nearly perfect trine between Peneleope’s Venus and abundant Jupiter in Colin’s chart. Venus and Jupiter are known as the two “benefic planets” in astrology, so having these positive forces in alignment with one another creates an otherworldly and very deep bond between them. This love could really expand their souls and change the way they see the world.

The couple shares another gorgeous trine aspect between Colin’s sun and mystical planet Neptune in Penelope’s chart. This makes their powerful connection even dreamier, and allows them to easily understand each other on a spiritual level. Colin captures Penelope’s imagination, while Penelope can easily pull Colin into the fantasy-like feels of a lavender haze.

It may have been a slow burn, but once this couple plunges into their feelings for one another, it’ll feel like floating on cloud nine.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.