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Why wearing red lipstick can help you attract love, the ultimate 'Emily in Paris' guide to Paris, and more.

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Here’s How To Vacation Like You’re Emily In Paris

Writer Meehika Barua wanted to channel her Emily In Paris obsession into a vacation that would make Emily proud: “I leaned way into Emily’s lifestyle and visited all the famous (and not-so-famous) spots from the series,” she writes, “I also discovered some places that haven’t served as backdrops for the show — yet — but would totally make sense in Emily’s world. If you’re planning an Emily in Paris-inspired vacation, I have plenty of travel recommendations for you.” Well, allons-y! Read More

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Can The "Red Lip Effect" Help You Attract Love? Psychologists Weigh In

If you’ve noticed that you get a few extra glances whenever you wear red lipstick, then you’ve already witnessed the red lip theory in full effect. Just like the red nail theory from TikTok that claims that color nail polish attracts men’s attention, the red lip effect is said to be another quick ticket to love and adoration — or maybe just a few extra matches on Hinge. Read More

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Become Influencers

It seems easy enough and many people try to become one every day, but there are certain skills needed to become a successful influencer. For instance, there’s determination, creativity, and of course, the likability factor so people actually want to follow you. While some skills can be learned or developed over time, some people naturally have all they need to become an influencer thanks in part to their zodiac sign. Read More


Mallori Johnson Was Obsessed With This Vampire Book Before Kindred

The 24-year-old actor’s mother first introduced her to Octavia Butler’s 2005 vampire novel Fledgling. “I thought it was so dope being able to see this young Black girl who was a vampire,” she says. “That was something that I was never really exposed to as a kid. Everything that I had read had a white narrative in the forefront. So, I was like, wait, I need more of this.” Johnson eventually picked up Butler’s 1979 classic, Kindred, and just a few years later, she nabbed her first TV leading role in the long-awaited adaptation. Read More

Amber Heard's Instagram Reveals She Settled The Johnny Depp Defamation Lawsuit

After one of the most talked-about and contentious legal proceedings of the year ruled against her, Amber Heard confirmed via Instagram that she has reached a settlement in the defamation lawsuit with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Heard maintains her innocence in the post and reveals that her decision to settle stems from a “loss of faith in the American legal system” and the “vilification [she] has faced on social media.” Read More

The Viral "Transforming My Mom Into Me" Trend Will Warm Your Heart

Earlier in December 2022, internet users were figuring out what they’d look like in different time periods using AI. Now, TikTokers are more interested in seeing what their moms would look like as part of a different generation: their own. On TikTok, the latest wholesome trend to grace FYPs is the “transforming my mom into me” trend which is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Read More

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