Bustle Newsletter: December 22, 2022

Your love life horoscope for 2022, the best holiday party games to play over Zoom, and a review of Jennifer Aniston’s go-to microneedling treatment.

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Jennifer Aniston's go-to microneedling treatment requires zero downtime.
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What 2022 Has In Store For Every Zodiac Sign’s Love Life

To say the least, the last two years have been less than stellar, dominated by one unprecedented event after the other. But astrologers are more optimistic about the outlook for 2022 — including in the romance department. For Libra and Sagittarius, especially, it’s nothing but sunny skies ahead, but all the zodiac signs should benefit from Jupiter’s return to Pisces. Here, exactly what the next year will mean for your love life. Read More

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21 Games That’ll Liven Up Your Virtual Holiday Party

If you’re planning to celebrate the holidays with friends or family over Zoom — awkward pauses, frozen screens, and all — check out this list of actually fun activities, from festive karaoke to virtual secret Santas. Cozy up with a glass of mulled wine, and don’t forget to unmute yourself. Read More

A Collective Debunking Of Fitness Number Rules

Get in your 10,000 steps, drink eight glasses of water a day, aim for 30 minutes of cardio five times a week — sometimes it feels like you can’t lift a dumbbell without smacking some seemingly arbitrary fitness rule. But where did these guidelines actually come from, and do they even mean anything? Experts separate fact from fiction. Read More

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I Tried Jennifer Aniston’s Go-To Microneedling Treatment

“When I was 22, my ‘skin care routine’ consisted of using a makeup remover wipe and splashing some water on my face before bed,” writes Rebecca Strong. Now, however, she’s come to the sober realization that her complexion might need a little more than that. In a quest for skin resembling an IRL Instagram filter, she tried Vivace RF Microneedling, a zero-downtime treatment that helps stimulate collagen production. If you need convincing to have someone roll teeny-tiny needles all over your face, trust that Jennifer Aniston loves it — and really, is there any better endorsement than that? Read More

Lucien Laviscount Vibes With Paris

Emily in Paris actor Lucien Laviscount had never been to the City of Lights until a year ago, when the 29-year-old Brit — following a whirlwind 24-hour audition process — suddenly found himself playing the titular character’s love interest in the new season, out now. The self-proclaimed “country bumpkin” quickly found himself entranced by the city’s charms. “It’s ridiculous! Ridiculous!” he says. Here, he shares what he loves most about Paris and why he stayed up till 3 a.m. watching Season 1 of the Netflix series. (Same.) Read More

From The Skimm

How Much To Tip Everyone Who Makes Your Life Easier This Holiday Season

Your mail carrier works overtime every holiday season (but especially this one) to make sure everyone gets their Christmas cards and gifts on time. As a gesture of gratitude, consider leaving a tip in your mailbox. But it’s not just your mailman you should think about — your dog walker, babysitter, doorman, and personal trainer all make your life run smoother, right? Show them how much you appreciate them with a little extra holiday greenery. Read More


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