Bustle Newsletter: January 10, 2022

On the astrology app designed for skeptics, the best beauty looks from the season premiere of ‘Euphoria,’ and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Zendaya at the Euphoria premiere.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images
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Lisa Donovan Doesn’t Need You To Believe In Astrology

Before she founded The Pattern, an astrology app with over 18 million profiles, Donovan wasn’t a big believer in cosmic predetermination. “My impression of astrology [was that it was] something new age-y or cheesy,” she tells Bustle. But then, in her mid-30s, when it seemed like her life was falling apart, a friend referred her to an astrologer to do her birth chart reading. “It became this incredible tool for me and made sense of the chaos.” She developed The Pattern in order to serve those who were similarly skeptical. Need proof? “We don’t even do sun sign astrology,” Donovan says. Read More

The Latest

The Internet Is Obsessed With This New Word Game

Fans of the NYT’s Spelling Bee, there’s a new brain teaser you’ll want to add to your daily puzzle rotation: Wordle. It’s super simple to play (although winning is another story) and it’s not a total timesuck — you can only play once per day. The best part, though, is commiserating with other players on social media, which is why you’re seeing gray and green squares all over your feed. Read More

Oh Right, The Golden Globes Were Yesterday

Even though the ceremony itself was more lackluster than usual (the winners were announced on social media, making last year’s Zoom special seem glamorous by comparison), there were a couple historic moments. Pose’s MJ Rodriguez became the first trans person awarded a Golden Globe, and Squid Game star O Yeong-su became the first Korean winner. Read More

Today’s Reads

The Most Eye-Catching Beauty Looks From Euphoria’s Season Premiere

As you might’ve guessed, glitter was the main ingredient of Euphoria’s NYE episode, although some looks were more Zoom meeting-appropriate than others. Swipe through to see our favorite looks, and tips for how to recreate them yourself. Read More

Station Eleven Author Emily St. John Mendel Weighs In On The Show’s Changes

The book upon which the HBO Max show is based seemed to predict the COVID-19 outbreak back when it was released in 2014. Now, as the omicron variant surges, the adaptation of Mandel’s tale about a group of theater actors navigating life before, during, and after a pandemic offers a glimmer of hope with its cautious optimism. Read More

The Rice Water Treatment That Totally Revived My Dull, Limp Hair

Maybe you’ve see the hashtag #ricewater on TikTok (it currently has over 459 million views), likely attached to a video of someone gushing about its benefits for their hair and skin. That’s because rice protein is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, making it an MVP at strengthening your strands. Bustle’s beauty editor Rachel Lapidos swears by this treatment for rescuing her color-treated locks when they get dried out. Read More


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