Bustle Newsletter: June 13, 2022

Why Huda Kattan has fallen out of love with makeup, TikTok's pick for dink of the summer, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Huda Kattan
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Even Huda Kattan Needs A Break From Contouring

Over the last two years, most of us got a little lazy with our daily makeup routines. (And why not? My dog likes me with or without concealer, TYVM.) No-makeup makeup, if you were going to wear any at all, became the norm for a lot of people, even people like Huda Kattan, CEO of her eponymous beauty brand, Huda Beauty. “I fell out of love with makeup, which is not something I ever felt would happen,” she told Bustle. Spurred by a desire to “normalize normal things” after realizing her 10-year-old daughter doesn’t take a photo without a filter and coming to the realization that she had probably put “too much filler” in her face, she’s now rethinking what her brand’s products should do. Read More

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Jennifer Lopez’s Halftime Doc Hits Netflix Tomorrow

Apparently, the singer wasn’t a huge fan of splitting the halftime show with Shakira. In the doc, Lopez says it was “the worst idea in the world to have two people do the Super Bowl.” Sounds like there’s no real beef between the two, and the resulting performance was incredible regardless, but clearly J.Lo felt a little cheated. In addition to the lead-up to the show, the doc also promises some cute behind-the-scenes Bennifer moments. Besides that, there’s a bunch of other good stuff hitting the streamer this week, too, including a Pete Davidson standup set. Read More

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