Bustle Newsletter: June 23, 2022

On the real meaning of Beyoncé's new single, the new trend in pedicures, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
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Big Freedia Reveals The Real Meaning Of Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul”

The lead single off Bey’s forthcoming album Renaissance is a house-inspired song that heavily samples the early 1990s hit “Show Me Love” by Robin S. *and* the 2014 dance bop “Explode” by Big Freedia. And even though it’s not their first collab, she’s still giddy. “It feels surreal to be on the track with the Queen Beyoncé once again I’m so honored to be a part of this special moment I’m forever grateful lord someone please catch me,” the rapper told Bustle. (Goes to show you never get tired of getting called up by Queen Bey.) And though listeners have championed it as an anthem of the Great Resignation era, Big Freedia tells us that’s not *quite* what it’s all about. Read More

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Why You Should Skip The Soak At Your Next Pedicure

According to dermatologists and nail pros, the hot new thing in foot care is… dry pedicures. Apparently, despite the relaxation element, soaking your feet is actually bad for your nails and can even lead to polish chipping sooner. Read More

Kendall Jenner & Devin Booker Reportedly Broke Up

After two years, the couple reportedly hit a rough patch and have been split up for about a week and a half now, a source close to them says. It sounds like Kourtney and Travis’ wedding may have illuminated some irreconcilable differences for them. Read More

The Y2K-Approved Piercing That’ll Add Instant Edge To Your Look

Combining the novelty of a less traditional placement with the versatility of a classic ear piercing, it’s no surprise why the industrial is once again the piercing du jour among celebs. Read More

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The Summer Trend To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

According to astrologer Larry Easley, Venus and Jupiter will be big factors in determining this summer’s trends. Think: “bright, bold colors… towering platform shoes” — lots of bold, impression-making pieces. Here’s the one you should try, according to your sign. Read More

At 28, Rachel Dratch Was Mingling With Steve Carell & Inhaling Secondhand Smoke

To a 28-year-old Rachel Dratch, who’s perhaps best known for her relentlessly negative character Debbie Downer, improv was everything. The Chicago improv scene was her teacher, muse, and place of worship. “It was this community where everyone kind of rose up together. It was my artistic life and social life all rolled into one.” Here, Dratch talks to Bustle about living on $65 per show and getting over her fear of failure. Read More


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