Bustle Newsletter: March 30, 2022

On Short King Spring, foam rolling, and the hottest Instagram pose of 2022.

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“Emo Alphabet Girl” Gayle Probably Wouldn’t Write Her Viral Hit “Abcdefu” Today

You’ve heard Gayle’s hit “abcdefu” all over For You page and on the radio, and let’s be real, you’ve probably belted it in the shower. But the 17-year-old artist, whose breakout hit topped Billboard’s global charts, wants to set the record straight about who she really is. “I’m not this vindictive bitch who’s like, ‘F*ck you,’” Gayle tells Bustle about “abcdefu.” “I’m like petty b*tchy, but it’s only for moments of time. I probably honestly wouldn’t say it to my ex’s face now, but I wrote it then because I never said those things to him.” Read More

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Welcome To Short King Spring

Just as you were getting mentally ready for a feral summer, it's time to pivot to a more pressing season at head: Short King Spring. TikTok has declared it’s time to change the height requirements on all your dating apps and celebrate men under 5-foot-8 — yes, even if you’re a tall queen. Why now? Like most good things that come into our lives, this viral size-doesn't-matter trend is Zendaya-inspired. Read More

4 Things To Do & 3 To Avoid During April’s Black Moon

Arriving on April 1, or March 31 if you’re on Pacific time, the April new moon — a black moon — offers us a chance to take charge of our goals and tap into our leadership skills. While this lunation will affect every zodiac sign differently, this particular new moon is a reminder to stay focused, challenge ourselves, and avoid acting impulsively. (Uh, good luck on that one, Aries). Read More

Foam Rolling, Explained

So, you’ve got a foam roller… now what? It’ll do different things to your body depending on when you roll, so it’s all about your goals and personal preference. For example, if you’re rolling to warm up your muscles versus prevent sore muscles. But how often should you use a muscle massaging tool? And what should a warm-up or cool-down routine even look like? Experts answer all your rollin’ Q’s. Read More

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Why The Squat Is The Hottest Instagram Pose Of The Year

The days of the arm pop and super staged poses are long gone. In their place is something a little more low key and even kind of comfortable. Meet the squat, the low-to-the-ground, knees out, butts down stance taking over Instagram. But it’s not just about relaxation — some creators say the hot new pose is a subtle way to show off your full outfit, too. As artist Cami Arboles puts it, “I feel like a statue when I pose like that, like I belong in a museum.” Read more

Glow Recipe Just Launched A Clarifying Strawberry Serum & I'm Obsessed

When Glow Recipe launched its new strawberry serum, beauty writer Danielle Sinay knew she had to give the gentle exfoliant a test drive on her acne-prone yet highly sensitive skin. And let’s just say it went well: “My complexion looks more radiant, even, and clear than it did last week: This serum cleared up every blemish I had at the start of my trial period (after a brief skin purge, which is normal and means it works!) without making my face feel dry,” she writes. Read More


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