Bustle Newsletter: September 16, 2022

On the best sub-$15 Target skincare products, how to match your nails to your go-to Starbies order, and more.

Woman painting her nails a milk chocolate brown color.
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The Best Under-$15 Target Skincare Products, According To… Well, Everyone

Truly, there’s almost nothing in this world that a Target run can’t fix, or at the very least, distract you from for ~45 minutes. But, since we all know how easy it is to roll up with no particular shopping needs and somehow wind up spending $200 anyway, stick to this list — which is stacked with products that have found cult followings on TikTok — and maybe you’ll manage to keep your tab to sub-$100. As always, we’re about attainable! goals! in this newsletter. Read More

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11 Of The Cutest Fall Nail Designs For Coffin Tips

70s-inspired warm earth tones (think rusts, mustards, and army greens) will be big once again this fall. It’s the perfect opportunity to coordinate your mani with your favorite seasonal Starbies drink — coffee-colored ombré French tips, pumpkin spice orange (with milky white whipped cream accents), or a classic hot chocolate-esque brown. Read More

The Case For Layering See-Through Tops This Season

Emily Ratajkowski’s runway look for the Tory Burch NYFW show posed two important questions: 1) Why does it follow that your bra must be opaque if your shirt is sheer? Clearly, it doesn’t! And 2) Are we about to bring back flowy skirts with wide belts? IDK if I’m ready for “boho chic” again. But if this is the freshly-separated model’s take on the Revenge Dress, it’s definitely working. Read More

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‘I Love My Boyfriend, But I’m Struggling To See A Future With Him’

Apologies to Lennon-McCarthy, but love isn’t all you need — in life or in a relationship. There are all kinds of common explicit examples of when love isn’t enough — one person wants kids, the other doesn’t; one person wants to live in rural Idaho and the other can’t be more than two miles from a Zara without getting hives. Love can’t bridge those gaps, but it’s still excruciating. Read More

Georgia Levy Wants You To Ditch Your Al-Desko Lunch For Good

Yes, a lot of us (mostly) WFH now, but who actually takes time to cook something every single day? Personally, three out of five of my weekday lunches consist of increasingly complicated spins on “toast.” (This is also not really a complaint, toast is a perfect food.) But if you need something besides toast or salmon rice bowls in your lunchtime rotation, Levy’s tasty recipes promise to be quick and easy. Read More

Growing Up With "Tits The Size Of Printers" Wasn't Easy For Betty Gilpin

While Gilpin’s best known for her role on Netflix’s GLOW (RIP), she’s also made a name for herself by writing dispatches on the indignities of modern womanhood. That theme bled into All the Women, which explores a wide range of inherently female humiliations, from friendship breakups to aerobics classes. Read More


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There’s some messy cosmic weather afoot. Read More

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