9 Funny Instagram Locations To Use On Your Next Post

They’ll have your followers laughing, admiring, and liking your pic.

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two friends taking a selfie and using a funny Instagram location tag
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There was a time when users could create their own funny Instagram location directly through the app. Although people have found ways around this limitation via Facebook, it’s not as simple as it once was, and let’s be honest — who has time for that?! Luckily for you, there are a plethora of funny Instagram locations that will have your followers laughing, admiring, and liking your next post.

A funny Instagram caption adds a lot to a photo, (hint, hint, a good one can even help to increase Instagram engagement) and a funny location is just the cherry on top. But unfortunately, finding the perfect funny Instagram location is a bit of a calculated science. First, you have to figure out the logistics of your photo. Are you on a beach? Are you at work? Are you at a party? Do you want to look like you’re having fun? Or, are you bored? Then you have to find a pre-existing Instagram location to suit your photo, because, well, like I mentioned earlier, you can’t easily create your own anymore. And then, after all of that, ta-da! You’ve got yourself a perfect Instagram post thanks to your funny Instagram location.

I know, I know, it sounds like a lot of work. But, hey, that’s why we’re here to help you figure it out. Bustle compiled the best of the best locations for whatever scenario you may have snapped a photo in. Are you hiking? Check. Are you on a beach with your booty in the sand? Check. Are you working out, partying, or even showing off your delicious lunch? Check, check, and check.

You can take your Instagram post to the next level with these funny Instagram locations for whatever you have planned, below.


You’re At The Beach...

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“Bikini Bottom”

Who doesn’t love a classic SpongeBob reference?! Plus, once you jump down the Bikini Bottom rabbit hole, you’ll run into a whole bunch of hilarious SpongeBob memes and epic scenes that will have you reminiscing on your favorite little yellow sponge who lives in the ocean under the sea...

“Fairy Tan Mother”

Since we’re already on the cartoon trend, might as well pay ode to another classic television show from your childhood: The Fairly OddParents. It’s also a great location to use if you have that sun kissed glow from your epic beach day.

You can also check out: “Lost At Sea,” “Davy Jones Locker,” and “JAWS.”


You’re Partying...

“Drink Drank Drunk”

If you didn’t know already, this fun twist on words comes from artist supergroup HELLYEAH in their album Band of Brothers. However, it also makes for a pretty great Instagram location after that wild night out. Plus, you can get lost in all the other photos under this location instead of thinking about all your cringe-worthy moments of the previous night.

“Hangover Central”

Let’s be honest: After last night, you probably aren’t feeling your best. Tag “Hangover Central” as your location, and join the thousands of others who know exactly how you feel.

You can also check out: “Alcohol Please,” “Drunk In Public,” and “About Last Night.”


It’s Snowy Out...

“The North Pole”

If it’s nearing December 25, why not pretend you’re at the most festive place of them all? Tag “The North Pole” for any holiday photo that includes snow or Christmas decor.

You can also check out: “Antarctica,” “Freezing Cold,” and “Santa’s Workshop.”


You’re Next To A Scenic View...

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

This classic Hawaiian song by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole has long been the go-to anthem for any beautiful day. Tag this caption on your next Instagram post that features an incredible rainbow or a beautiful landscape.

“Bob Ross Studios”

This is my favorite, and not to mention, the most epic location tag ever (in my opinion). If you haven’t seen one of the great Bob Ross instructional television episodes where he paints gorgeous scenes, you’re missing out. Pay ode to the man who can mesmerize you with every stroke of his brush, in your next Instagram post.

You can also check out: “Mother Earth,” “Good Vibes Avenue,” and “Over The Hills & Far Away.”


You’re Having A Besties’ Night In...

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“The Girls Only Club”

This one really sets the general tone for the post, but if you want something a little more niche, there are plenty to choose from.

“RomCom Addict” and “MOVIE NIGHT”

Having a movie night? These are perfect. Or maybe you’re watching Gossip Girl reruns, in which case “I know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl.” is even better.

You can also check out: “Harry Styles’ bed<3” and “Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment.”


You’re Homesick Or Miss Your Friends & Family...

“A Galaxy Far, Far Away”

Do you have an adorable throwback photo dump of you and your fam or friends that you’ve been waiting to post on the ‘gram? Use this Star Wars anthem location for any throwback photo.

You can also check out: “Help Me Go Home,” “I Miss You,” and “Home Sweet Home.”


You’re Having An Instagram Worthy Meal...

“Work of God”

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words just how good that meal was. However, I think a “Work of God” may be worthy enough for most occasions.

“Grandma’s Soul Food”

There are a few simple pleasures in life that just take the cake, and grandma’s cooking may just be one of them.

You can also check out: “I Want More” and “I’m Hungry.”


You’re Working Out...

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“Sweat Like A Girl”

This location tag is perfect for any pic that shows just how BA you are. Throw it on your next workout ‘gram.

You can also check out: “Workout Twerkout” and “Booty Camp.”


You’re Chilling At Home...

“I need coffee”

Posting a sleepy-eyed Emma Chamberlain-style pic from the living room or bedroom? “I need coffee” is precisely the vibe. Or perhaps you’re showing off how riveting your WFH life truly is.

You can also check out: “No Need for You to Know,” “Error 404, Location Not Found!” and even “Shrek’s Swamp.”

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