Is Gemini Compatible With Pisces In Relationships?

”Pisces needs emotional availability and Gemini struggles with that.”

Gemini and Pisces zodiac compatibility
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Gemini and Pisces are that couple who don’t seem to make any sense when you first meet them. For instance, Gemini is outgoing, energetic, and loud, while Pisces is shy, sensitive, and calm. When it comes to love, Pisces are romantic dreamers who believe in the idea of soulmates and being with that one perfect person for them. Gemini, on the other hand, tend to find the concept of soulmates illogical. And yet, despite their obvious differences, a Gemini-Pisces relationship can work. It definitely won’t be easy, so Gemini and Pisces’ zodiac compatibility has all the info you need to know about this Air and Water sign couple.

“This can be a tricky match,” astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle. “In love, Gemini needs a lot of personal freedom and space. They never want to be too emotionally dependent on someone, so they’ll still cultivate their own interests outside of the partnership. They like having healthy boundaries set out at all times, unlike Pisces who wants to jump headfirst into boundless love and completely merge with their partner.”

On the plus side, both Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs. This means they’re adaptable, optimistic, and don’t fear change. According to Monahan, this similarity will help to bridge a number of differences between the two. They’ll be able to work through any obstacles that come their way. Since they’re both flexible, they’ll be willing to change or give in to the other on certain issues.

Gemini & Pisces’ Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to physical intimacy, Gemini and Pisces have different tastes and ideas. As astrologer Michelle Welch tells Bustle, Gemini are lighthearted and crave variety in bed. Expect playfulness, laughter, many different positions, and lots of pillow talk. Pisces, on the other hand, are passionate romantics that love to be wooed. They want to keep things slow and sensual, with a lot of attention and affection. While Geminis view physical intimacy as a way to have a fun time, Pisces view it as a way to emotionally connect with their significant other.

Pisces wants nothing more than to satisfy their partner, and they’re always happy to fulfill their partner’s sexual fantasies. To them, it’s one way to strengthen their bond with their partner. But Pisces may have a hard time keeping up with Gemini’s constant need to switch things up. “Although they’ll appreciate the playfulness, Pisces needs emotional availability and Gemini struggles with that,” Welch says.

Gemini & Pisces’ Emotional Compatibility

Emotional compatibility is an area of a Gemini-Pisces relationship that will cause the most problems. “Gemini is extremely cerebral and Pisces is extremely emotionally sensitive,” Duval says. “This can lead to misunderstandings and may create a lot of unwanted drama.”

As a Water sign, Pisces is naturally in tune to their emotions. They like to explore their feelings in depth, and they tend to follow their heart. When Pisces falls in love, they feel it deep in their soul and form strong emotional attachments to their loved one.

As an Air sign, Gemini is logical. They don’t spend time wondering how deep their feelings for someone goes. Like Pisces, Geminis are prone to falling in love at first sight. But their feelings tend to stay on the shallow end. Because of this, it’s easier for them to cut ties with someone and move on fast.

“Gemini and Pisces will be loving and supportive of each other in all aspects, but they speak a very different language sexually, emotionally, and intellectually, so this union won’t be an easy one,” Duval says. “Pisces will feel undervalued and emotionally dissatisfied with Gemini. Jealousy is likely to be an issue here as well, as Pisces doesn't feel like they’re getting the attention and emotional support they crave.”

With that said, Gemini and Pisces are considered to be an incompatible zodiac match. But because they’re both mutable signs, they do have what it takes to work through the many ups and downs of their relationship. As long as they’re mature, focused, and committed to each other, these two can make it work long-term. It’s just may be a bumpy ride.


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