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Here's How Long It Takes Pisces To Fall In Love

This fish is the ultimate romantic.

by Kristine Fellizar
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If your partner makes you feel like you're living out your very own fairytale romance, chances are, you're dating a Pisces. When it comes to love, nobody can make you feel the way a Pisces can. They're the type of sign that will sing you love songs on the beach, plan weekend getaways, and text you sweet lines of poetry every day. They just know how to make someone feel truly special. If you're not used to a lot of affection and romantic gestures, especially early on in a relationship, it can make you question Pisces' true feelings. But knowing how long it takes Pisces to fall in love may help clear up any doubts you have.

"Pisces is the ultimate romantic when it comes to love — think candy hearts coupled with deep, soulful conversations," astrologer Katee Glass tells Bustle. "In their exalted expression or positive ways their feelings can manifest, Pisces are utterly devoted. They embody a sense of unconditional love and can make the relationship feel otherworldly."

In their "shadow side," Pisces can be somewhat clingy. "In ancient astrology, Pisces rules jails, so their partner can sometimes feel like they're in proverbial handcuffs," Glass says. Setting boundaries is essential if you're compatible with Pisces or are going to be in a relationship with them. They also have a tendency to be too idealistic. It's common for a Pisces to fall in love with someone's potential versus what's actually being presented to them.

Naturally, the zodiac's hopeless romantic tends to fall in love very quickly. In fact, Glass says that Pisces is "the epitome of falling in love at first sight." They're very spiritual and in tune with their emotions. If they feel a soulmate pull towards someone they see from across the room, they won't hesitate to pursue.

"Ruled by the deepest of waters, they want to be able to bear their soul and have a partner willing to do the same," Glass says. "It's important to remove the shallowness and superficiality that can sometimes come with this age of dating. They also have one of the biggest hearts, so a partner that exudes kindness and compassion is the ultimate ticket."

When a Pisces falls for someone, they truly believe they're in love. "Whether or not they're really in love or in love with the idea of love is still up for debate," astrologer Michelle Welch tells Bustle. Unlike the other zodiac signs that fall in love quickly, Pisces is much more common to get their heart broken than lose interest. So if you're dating a Pisces and they're still romantic and affectionate, you can trust that their feelings are genuine.

If you see a long-term future with a Pisces, Welch says it's important to allow them to be who they are. They tend to daydream quite a bit, so they need someone who's OK with this or can share their dreams with them. They're very sensitive and need a partner who's loving, kind, and accepting. It also doesn't hurt to surprise them with thoughtful gifts or romantic gestures. It doesn't matter how big the gesture is; as long you put in the effort, Pisces will love you even more for it.


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